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Thank You Love

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Remember how nervous I was about my upcoming schoolyear? I was uber anxious! I worried about the change in my schedule and which teacher I would be assisting. Change is hard, ya’ll!

But God wasn’t caught off guard.

While my schedule is a bit crazy, it’s filled with great people! I work with three different awesome teachers. I spend my day racing back and forth from one classroom to the other. Last week, someone suggested I wear rollerskates. It’s about that hectic. Sitting down…is history!

I spent the first week doing some important IEP tasks for two of my new teachers. On Friday, Mrs. S. handed me this—->

I immediately felt blessed! She sweetly handed it to me with the kindest words of gratitude for my work on her IEP’s. How thoughtful, right? Wait til you see what was inside….

Hello, chocolate love! I’ve been carrying it around like it’s a diamond ring. I’m a serious chocoholic and I don’t want to waste it on any old snack. I finally took a nibble of it yesterday. Oh emm gee! So rich, so sweet….so very thoughtful!

Saying thank you is one of the kindest things you can do. Showing your thankfulness is even better. I have tried to be a thankful person my whole life. It feels special to know someone loves you enough to do something JUST FOR YOU.

I love the folks I’m working with this year. Especially those who pass out fancy chocolates.

Dear God
Thank you for blanketing me with your love and protection at work. I know you care about every little detail of my life. I feel so blessed that you use people in my life to remind me how much you love me. Help me to show the people around me how much they mean to me too!

**Who can you bless today just by saying Thank You?