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I’ll be here….

Friday, April 16th, 2010

I’m going places! This weekend is something special just for me. Not only are my girls performing in the school musical, my in-laws coming into town and my college son travelling home….. but I’m going out of town for the weekend with one of my BFF’s ever!

We’ll be HERE!
Can you believe that? Me neither! I’m so stinkin excited! And may I add… satan has tried everything in his power to throw both of us into MOMMY MADNESS! He’s been working double time to keep us home and not at this conference!

I have a word for him……. BUZZ OFF, DUDE!!

Cause, I’M GOING!!!!

Thank you so much for this opportunity. SaraJo and I understand that you have something special just for us during this event. Open our hearts and our eyes as we share in a great weekend of renewal!