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Monday, August 17th, 2009


First off. If you are one that cannot handle icky stuff……such as gross body wounds, LOOK AWAY!

Do NOT continue reading this post!

Hubby has been limping around for a few weeks with a “boo-boo” on his right leg. At first, he was just scratching it a bit. He thought something bit him and it was possibly a little infected. He rubbed some antibiotic ointment on it and took a few oral antiobotics (we always seem to have extra’s around). And it sort of felt better…for a few days.

This weekend, he was really hurting! He stayed in bed all day Saturday, ALL DAY! He was sick! By Sunday…he was gimping around like the leg was about to fall off. The swelling was back and really festered up…as if…well, you can imagine….right?

I said, “Go see the doctor!”. This has gone on for more weeks than it should have. Plus, ewww! It’s really grossing me out!

He sent me a text today that he was in the doctor’s office and they were seriously concerned. He would keep me posted throughout the possible amputation (yea, he’s funny like that).

By 6:30-7:00pm he calls and says he’s on his way home. He has something inserted in the wound….which is staphylococcus and mersa related. Remember mersa?

What we thought was possibly a spider bite… no spider bite! This thing is nasty!

The doctor numbed the area, sliced an opening and did some poking around in there. He placed a very long tape-like object inside the wound…part of it sticks out. Hubby says…’s like 9 inches in actual length. Eww! I’m really not into grossness!

I have some photos……I thought it was probably important that we start documenting this dude. Please pray for him to heal. This is very serious….nothing to fool around with.

I warned you….

Seriously people……I told you look away!

It’s one nasty monster!