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5 Ways To Survive a Rough Week

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

It's that time again…when life gets a little crazy. Fall break is fast approaching (please hurry, break) and everyone is rushing to and fro with jobs, school and activities. The mornings are getting darker, the days seem longer and everyone feels extra tired.

Oh and here in Indiana, it's raining!

Tell me I'm not alone. You're tired too, right?

When I feel this worn out and still have a few days left to my work week….I begin to get really grumpy! Does that happen to you? I've searched my brain for ways to cope and all I can come up with are little things that each of us should be doing anyway.

1 — Go to bed at a decent hour. This is my biggest downfall. I feel so tired at night but instead of hitting the hay, I fold another load of laundry or clean the kitchen (again). Make a date with your pillow (I'm talking to me) and stick to it.

2 — Eat a simple dinner. I've cooked every night this week and I'm wiped out! I know families need to eat a healthy meal but why not make it something easy. Also, enlist some help with the dinner. It's not going to kill your kids or hubby to pitch in.

3 — Exercise. I'm really talking to me here! If you take just a few minutes to stretch and get your heart pumping….I guarantee it will calm your frazzled nerves and help your body relax.

4 — Read & pray. There's something to spending a few minutes reading scripture and praying that soothes the soul. I'm the biggest failure when it comes to this simple task and my rotten mood is the sad result. It doesn't have to be an hour of Bible study to make a difference.

5 — Take a soothing bath. You might not have the energy to clean the bathtub (like me) and if that's the case, a hot shower may be your only choice. Do it! Then spray on a yummy smelling body spray and hug your family goodnight. Not only will you feel better but the ones you love will be left with a lingering sweet smell from mama!

Let's face it, some weeks are just long and exhausting. This week has been a doozy for me and I still have another workday left to go. Don't worry, I'm taking my own advice tonight and following the 5 survival tips I just shared.

What do you do when the week beats up on you?