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Girls rule, right?

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Today is a busy day!  My sweet girl, Ally is swamped with BIG things on her plate!  For months she and my youngest have been preparing for the high school musical….Grease.  The shows begin today.  The first performance will be for the elementary school students at about 9am.  The next two are set for Friday and Saturday night.  It’s been a long few weeks of late practices mixed in with the rest of a busy school life.

But, before she even gets to her first show….she has another important event on her agenda.  It’s STUDENT COUNCIL officer election day! She’s been a member of SC since elementary days.  It’s one of her favorite clubs to participate in.  She’s a natural leader and has no problem taking charge to get things accomplished.  {family trait} 

The only problem?  Her running mate!

She’s running for President against the same dude she ran against in 6th grade.  He won…..she did all the work (she was Vice President that year)!!  She is a nervous wreck!  This will be her senior year and she really wants to do something great with this program.  Tonight, she and two other friends baked a pile of muffins while she worked diligently on her campaign speech.

Good Luck, Ally!   May the best man chick win!!!

I’ll be praying for you all throughout the day! God is in control! Trust Him!