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Don’t Wear A Gray Hoodie

Friday, June 8th, 2012

First thing I did this morning was slip into some walking clothes and hit the streets of my neighborhood.  I really hate the poor condition of my (earthly vessel) and thought this would inspire me to get serious with my physical fitness or lack thereof.  The weather has been unreal here in Indiana….cool sunny mornings with a lovely breeze.  Perfect for walking and meditating with the Lord.

I hadn't planned to walk very far because I didn't want to miss sitting in my hot tub again while the morning was still fresh and cool.  I noticed a police car stop at the corner of the street I was about to turn onto.  I had to walk right beside his car as I I leaned down and said, "Good morning!".  He spoke back and I kept trucking!  It appeared to me that he was "looking" for someone but he didn't say anything to me, so I kept going.  I walked around to another street and then cut across a neighbors house (we always cut through here) to get back on the street I actually live on.  I caught up with a retired gentleman walking his dog and we stopped to chat.

We stood there 2 houses down from my own house, talking.  He told me he was a retired minister and had moved back recently to our quiet little town.  Why?  He has grandkids here.  While we talked, another police car pulled up beside us.  The officer asked me if I had been on Long Street.  I told him that I had just come from there and he said they had received a call of a suspicious female wearing a gray hoodie walking there.  Whaaaaaat?

Are you kidding me?

I've lived in this same house in this same neighborhood since 2002, 10 years!  I've walked these streets alone & with my family hundreds of times.  I know most of the neighbors.  Who would call the police on me?  Better yet, how was I a suspicious person?  I fear, it's sabotage!  Somebody wants to keep me chubby!  I couldn't help but laugh, along with the officer and my new friend that I was the person someone would call in as a suspicious person.  I mean, I leave my house looking clearly like a fat mom on a mission and end up scared that I'm going to show up on a WANTED poster!

The officer told us that they're experiencing some break-ins in our area and that everyone is on alert!  Yea, yea…really?!  Well, no one told me that and my hubby spends hours working on IT stuff at the local Sheriff's office.  I would surely here something about burglaries of my neighbors….don't you think?

Oh and that's not the end of it.  One more police officer came by while my friend and I chatted.  This time it was someone from the Sheriff's office.  I forgot to mention, I live on a Cul-de-sac and NO ONE COMES THROUGH HERE WITHOUT BEING SEEN!  So, count em!  Three (3) law enforcement officers were out looking for ME!!

The lesson?  Don't wear that gray hoodie jacket (which is crazy, since I wear it all the time) and exercise walk in my neighborhood anymore!  These people are in cahoots with the fat devil, I tell ya!