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Jumpin’ Fences

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Every once in a while I get myself into hot water. It’s a way of life for me, really. I do things without thinking them all the way through. I mean, I try to think with a rational head but my heart….that’s what gets me into trouble.


baby colt

See, I was driving by this pasture and I spotted THAT BABY! There ensued my determination to take his picture. I vowed in my best Scarlett O’Hara voice to come back (after dinner) and snap away with my camera forever freezing in time my vision of his preciousness.


horses baby daddy

He was originally behind a bunch of trees. I could only see a smidgen of two of the horses. So, I had the great idea of jumping that gate (yea, the one he’s standing beside) and walking a little closer to get my shot. Easy peasy.

So, boots on…snakes be aware! Over the gate, 10-12 steps into the pasture and I hear it — kathump! kathump! kathump! Then, I see it — nostrils flairing, full-on gallop (imagine the Kentucky Derby full blast running!) STRAIGHT AT ME!! Full speed ahead baby!

I should mention, I wasn’t alone. I had a cohort. She naively followed me into this deal. Thanks, Jodee! However, neither of us are 20 something gals. We’re “older” models and even though we had gone to Zumba earlier in the day NOTHING could’ve prepared us for the speed running we would need to do to escape Mr. Baby Daddy from trampling right over top of us.

I don’t think cursing is necessary to make a point here on the blog but in this situation —> We had to HAUL @$$ to get back over that gate the two of us so gingerly had just climbed over to trespass for a horse picture.

We may have hit one ring of the gate on the way back over but that’s debatable. We JUMPED FROM THE TOP back to the ground as Mr. Baby Daddy breathed his heavy galloping horse breath down my back. He may have even nudged me on over. I don’t know, it was all adrenaline and screams at that point.

We hit the ground, Jodee’s cellphone fell on the other side of the gate and we were zinging from the fear. Like, two old chicks who haven’t ever had to run for their lives kind of fear. It was real, y’all.

Now, it’s none of our business really but if the folks who own these gorgeous horses have a surveillance camera or dear cam set up here on their property. It’s very likely that you will see this whole scene soon on a Youtube video near you.

Good Ness Sakes!

All is good though because I got a few shots before my camera died and because the Lord knows I like to take shenanigans to the very nth degree, my cellphone died as well. Totally dead. So, these photo’s are gold. The only ones I could snap before I lost juice.

horse mama

He’s a real ladies man because both these beautiful girls are his baby Mama’s. Ms. Browny is full to popping with a baby of her own. I assume HE is responsible. Since they both stuck pretty close to him.

horse farm

Look, I don’t judge horse lovelifestyles. To each his own.

mr horse

He may have swayed me into his world too. Clearly, I’m crushing on him in this photo. He’s quite persuasive.