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The Sound of Music

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

My opinion is just that….my opinion! So allow me to brag about how amazing the high school musical was last night. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I think it was my favorite show in all my years of attending. How can you go wrong with The Sound of Music? Really? It’s a great story and the music warms the heart.

The entire show from beginning to end is fantastic! Great job to the students and staff at JCHS! Your hard work shined through your performance last night! I can’t wait to see it again tonight!

Goodluck, guys!

Liesl Is Sick

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Who, you might be thinking is Liesl? Well, today through Saturday night it’s Ally (my HS senior). She’s playing the oldest Von Trapp daughter in the school musical, The Sound of Music. For months, she has practiced long hours and now that it’s showtime….allergies and exhaustion have attacked her skinny little body. She feels horrible. The director did say she still sounds great during her songs. That’s good!

After today’s performance, she’s going home and straight to bed. She’s had enough over-the-counter medicine in the last 30 hours to knock me out cold. But she’s still rolling dragging along. It stinks! Curse you, Ohio valley pollens!!

In spite of the stuffed up head and sore throat issues…I’m still so excited to see the show. I have tickets to both Friday and Saturday night. Maybe just maybe she will be feeling better by tomorrow night. If not, the show must go on…

Right? 😉

Goodluck Miss Ally! I’m so proud of you!!