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Broke Down

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

It was supposed to be a cleaning day (my in-laws are on their way to visit). Instead, I spent it rescuing two of my beloved children from the side of the road.

It was the right place to be.

When I arrived home from school yesterday, my two oldest had a “car deal” going with a college student in Vincennes (IN). I had that feeling. You know the one. It’s the “DON’T DO IT!” feeling.

I let them chatter it out and weigh the pro’s & con’s. Then, they left. For the deal to go down, they had to drive half-way to meet with the seller/trader. The seller had an SUV to trade for my son’s old car plus $500 cash.

Sounds reasonable, right? (My son’s car is for sale for $1500.00)

The only problem? My son’s car HAS NOT been behaving at all. So the trip was risky!

Hubby sent them on their way (while I tried to focus on the serious house cleaning I had to do) and I prayed for their safety and car goodness. It was only 45 minutes when they called for H E L P !!

I hopped in with hubby (because I’m their mom & I was imagining all sorts of side-of-the-road scaries) and off we went in the dark to search for our babies in a strange little town.

We made it there before 8pm and it was almost as I had imagined. My son buried under the hood trying frantically to repair his old love while my sweet girl held her cellphone/flashlight for him to see. All the while, shivering and praying that it would miraculously be healed.

The evening didn’t get any better by our presence. Hubby worked under, over and inside the hood of that pile of junk car. {God, thank you for such a patient and loving man!} During all this fun…the buyer/trader was calling and HE WASN’T VERY HAPPY that we seemed to be “backing out of the deal”.

Dude, really?

Long story short. Hubby would not be able to get the car to a point of “dealing” and made the choice to try to get it back home. Once we got it going again, it took us nearly an hour to make it to the next town (still not our town) and we ditched it in a grocery store parking lot.

With a note. BROKE DOWN! Coming back to get it tomorrow! 🙁

I’m so thankful for your protective hand on my children. The car situation was frustrating but your care for them was a blessing. Help us to sell the car and to purchase one that’s healthy and safe.