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I Can – I’m Mom

Friday, November 4th, 2011

November snuck up on me. One minute it was October and I was meanering through it like I had all sorts of time on my hands and then boom! November shows up! I love the fall and everything it brings with it; Birthdays, holidays, breaks and nice weather! Even the leaves all over the place.

Hello, new blower?!! 😉

I’m going through the list of must do’s today. It’s not much when you write it down but all of it special and important to me. My baby turns 17 on the 9th and like always, I’m reminded how fast they grow up. She’s my baby. I had convinced my mind that SHE WOULD ALWAYS be the baby. Meaning–she would just stay little and follow me around forever. Mind control, ya’ll! Fail!

Nowadays, I follow her around. She’s the one living out her upperclassman years (the last of my brood) and I’m simply just a bystander. I have the privilege of watching her and enjoying all her “lasts” at school. It’s not the same as with the other two. I guess they’re all different, huh?

In the time that I have left….I pray that God would use me to influence her to become all that HE wants her to be. It isn’t easy parenting children. Once they become young adults, much of your training has been put into place. If you’ve goofed them completely up….I’m not so sure you can reverse a lot of it. Except FOR GOD! He can clean up any mess. If we simply just ask.

I love reading blogs of other parents and one of my favorites is I Take Joy by Sally Clarkson. She lives way out in Colorado but her words of wisdom are welcome all over this USA! She has parented for 28 years and gives some encouraging wisdom to all who read her words. Last night I read a sweet post written by her adult son, Nathan. It reminded me that everyday I have the power to speak truth and power into my kids.

Why would I want to squander my time with them? It’s now, November 4th and God has given me another chance to love & admonish my kids (even at their college & HS age). What words do you need to speak over your kids? Do they know their worth to you and to God? Open up your heart today and ask God to use you in the life of your kids! They will thank you for it someday.

To read Nathan Clarkson’s post, go here!