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She Swims

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

I feel it’s way over due to share about the baby in my family and her latest passion. I say latest like she’s flittering from one thing to another. But that’s not the case. She very carefully chooses what activities she participates in. They just usually consist of singing, acting or planning something like pep rallies. She’s not what you would call an athlete.

Neither of my girls are…..athletic. They are artsy tartsy, drama type girls. Very talented ones at that.

It all started way back in September. I thought the 5am wake-up calls for morning training would wrap the whole SWIMMING idea up in a jiffy. When it didn’t, I admit….I got a little nervous. Then it went to afternoon’s as well. Over Christmas break….they practiced early mornings and afternoons, EVERYDAY!! They did take Christmas day off (Yippee!).

Who does that?

SWIMMERS, I guess!

All I can say is that I’m so proud of her. She took on a really tough sport. Joining a competitive swim team in your sophomore year could be a tad intimidating….but Gates has persevered! She had zero experience and didn’t know any of the strokes. I guess that’s why all the practice is required. Duh! To learn.

She has been an inspiration to me (yes, I’m lazy). Each day she continues on and I know….she’s exhausted! Even knowing she’s not as fast as her seasoned teammates, she keeps on working! I love her passion and I can’t help but smile at her pushing towards a goal that I could never attain. It’s been a life changing experience for her.

As a mom, I marvel at her courage to step out of her comfort zone and take on a competitive sport. That takes guts! And it sure makes for a healthy slim body too. She looks great! Maybe I need to start swim training!

I love you….. G A T E S