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Stacking Magz

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

I make stacks!  I make them with great intentions.  I always say to myself, "I'm going to GET TO THIS later!".  Then later, I have these tall stacks of "stuff".  Usually magazines.  Good ones, too!  Never dumb boring ones.  Only the best, ya know?  I also tell myself, "I'm NOT ORDERING anymore magazines!".  Really, I say it.  Then a super deal comes along and BOOM!  I'm stacking up magazines, again!

Today, I discovered a perfect solution to my stacking addiction.  ONLINE MAGAZINES!!  I know what you're thinking….{Lady, you have a Kindle Fire…why are you just catching whiff of this info?}.  It's not that I didn't know of them it's just that some of the time….magazines are FREE and online for our reading enjoyment.  You know, WHEN WE CAN GET TO IT and all.  indecision

Anyway, back to the good part.  Maybe you've heard of it–it's new to me.  TRANSFORMED MAGAZINE  It's perfect for the Christian chicky!  Inside it (or on the screen of your computer) you will find something interesting in just about any topic that you can dream up.  The best part?  It's all free!

And you won't have to stack up a single issue!  Score!