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Tie – Dye Isn’t Just for Hippies

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Can you really take serious fashion advice from a person wearing a flowy Tie-Dye dress?

school bathroom selfie

You can and I’ll tell you why…

Tie-dye isn’t just a groovy t-shirt anymore. It’s so much more.

Personally, I’ve moved into the world of buying what feels good (call me Gladys). This dress, feels amazing! I bought it yesterday for one of my girls (GASP!) and kept it for myself. It’s made of some sort of unicorn hide because it might be the softest piece of clothing I’ve ever owned and I paid a whopping $12.99 for it at Marshalls!!!

I get it, not everyone likes tie-dye. It’s for groovy people. It’s mostly worn as a t-shirt and while I like a good soft tee, I don’t usually wear them as fashionable clothes.

It’s time to face it, tie-dye can be pretty.

So, if you’re on the fence…here are a few good reasons to give it a try.

tie 1

South Beach Taupe Tie-Dye $36

tie 2

XCVI Sheraton Draped Tie-Dye (little more pricey) $172

And if money were literally falling out of your pockets (Oh, hahahaha) and you wanted to really blow it on a fancy dress –>

tie $

Roberto Cavalli $2485 cough cough cough, what!

Can you dig it?

Okay, back to the real world.


Brigitte Bailey Tie-Dye $64 at Zappos

tie 4

ASOS Column Maxi $45

Even cute in a linen cardi

tie cardi

TJ Maxx $19.99

What do you think? Ready to add a little tie-dye to your wardrobe? Maybe you’ll find your own magical unicorn. Keep looking, it’s not just for hippies!

Happy weekend, friends.