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Come On Over

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

My son was searching our home PC looking for the pictures from our trip to Hawaii several years back.  I haven’t used that computer in years…..for anything other than watching tv.  He gave up after a few minutes so I hopped on to look around.  I found them tucked in securely somewhere that I could probably never find again.  Yea, I’m that savvy on the computer.  Don’t hate!

While I was pouring over the sweet photo’s of my little babies, I came across one of some old-time favorite friends from seminary days.  We were in Louisville Kentucky at a friends apartment for a little party.  The apartment was teensy and the owners had a dog that was as tall as the table (which was holding all the FOOD) and he could walk right up to it and steal whatever he wanted.

It was a real adventure.

We spent most of the night outside.  There were so many kids between us…it was the smart thing to do really.  I think we ended up playing some fun games with the kids.  It’s the last time we were all together.  Our kids are all grown up.  Matter of fact, the sweet smiling gal sitting on my lap sent me a message today that she was heading to Murray State to move her son home from college.  He graduates in the next week or so.  Babies, they were all just babies!

I have laughed everytime I’ve looked at this picture.  It was a cramped little space but that didn’t stop us from having fun.  I know a thing or two about hospitality.  Something I’ve learned in my 45 years is that people really don’t care what kind of house you live in or if you have the fanciest decorations.  But they will always remember how you made them feel while they were in your home.

Were you warm and inviting?  Did you make them feel like they belonged there?  Was the atmosphere fun?  The food yummy and plenty to drink?  Or was it stuffy and cold?  It’s so easy to skip out on having people over.  All of us do it.  It feels like too much work (and it can be) to entertain.  I promise, if you open your house to friends and family…..and prepare something easy & hearty–you will bless not only your guests but yourself as well.

I miss our annual Open House.  Every year that my husband pastored a church, we decorated our house and invited in our entire congregation.  It took a bit of preparation.  We tried to keep it simple by cooking one pot of chili and one pot of soup (both southern dishes) along with some jalepeno cornbread.  Never, not one time did I hear anything less than praise for our willingness to share our home.  It was a special way for us to connect with our church family outside of church.  They loved it and so did we.

“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it”.  Heb. 13:2 

Recipe for the most amazing party soup ever.  I know it’s going to sound icky…but trust me here!  People will rave.


2-3 Cups cooked & chopped chicken breast

2 C. chopped ham (not lunchmeat, real ham)

1 pint chicken broth

2 cans Navy Beans

2 cans Great Northern Beans

2 cans sliced potatoes

2 cans Turnip Greens (Drained)

That’s it, unless you need more chicken broth.  Add everything together and let simmer on low.  Serve with spicy jalepeno cornbread and literally BE AMAZED!