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Trailer Trash

Monday, July 18th, 2016

pink camper

I’m a sucker for a pink camper. Call me crazy, I don’t care! If I could get my hot little hands on an old vintage camper, I would be one happy camper!

camp r

I know, I know….PINK?


pink bab

How can you not want to throw your clothes in one of these and hit the road? It’s perfect!

perf pinky

I’ve got all sorts of great places to visit. I’ve just got to find my pink baby to set the dream in motion.

hot pinky

Imagine all the looky loos…. There’s no way anybody is pulling one of these pink beauties without some stares.

I don’t mind. I find staring somewhat complimentary.

love thi

I’ve almost convinced my hubby that finding a vintage camper is a great idea. Yea, he lets me dream! I love that guy!

my pink dream

For the love….I better stop it! My head is spinning with ideas! I seriously have other things to do today besides googling vintage campers. Seriously.

I need lunch and I need to get busy posting items to my closet on Poshmark! Have you heard of Poshmark? It’s the greatest online resale shop ever! See my sidebar? My store link is right there. Head over, look at my things and shop all the other sellers. Poshmark is safe and efficient online shopping at a fraction of the cost.

So, I’m walking away from the pink trailers and getting back to work!