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Indiana Primary Day

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

vo te

I’m just one of millions but my vote counts, just like yours. My Facebook is an eclectic mixture of posts of the different candidates vying for the highest job nomination in the land. I think that’s great! It says that I can love you even if I don’t agree 100% with you on every topic. Hopefully, you can love me too when we disagree.

I’m not voting for The Donald. He’s not my man. I don’t see what others see in him. For me, he seems very superficial. I’ve heard that same thought from those who find my candidate a bore or a jerk…or a liar. That’s the thing with all the differing personalities and opinions. We all believe WE ARE RIGHT.

Aren’t you glad you live in a free America?

I can exercise my right today and vote for the man I believe can make a difference. If you’re in Indiana, so can you. I encourage you, GO VOTE! Every person has a voice and it’s heard the loudest at the election polls.

Why I’m voting TED CRUZ?

Ted Cruz LOVES OUR CONSTITUTION – you can take it to the bank that no other candidate knows more about it or understands it better. Sen. Cruz could recite it from memory to all his friends as a teenager. When you believe in something, you hold it dear. I feel Ted Cruz has a clear love for upholding the truth and he will respect our existing constitutional structure. (Bye Obama)

Ted Cruz is DISCIPLINED AND DETERMINED – he’s only 45 years old. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If he’s not elected or nominated this election year, look out!! He will be back at it come 2020. He’s proven he can take a lickin’ and keep on kickin’! He’s not backing down and he doesn’t waiver. I imagine his tenacity to keep at it started way before his Princeton / Harvard days.

Ted Cruz is an INTELLECT AND AFFLUENT DEBATER – he says what he means and means what he says and it doesn’t involve insulting entire races, religions or ethnic groups. He doesn’t have to behave crudely to win a debate or lower his standards (or God’s) when speaking up for America. He’s also scandal free. His standards and faith in God are exceptional! Did you know? Ted Cruz has an audiographic memory and can recall small details in order to paint a larger picture when debating? Yea, he’s a smarty! No need for a teleprompter, I’d say.

Ted Cruz understands FOREIGN POLICY – he’s got the knowledge and skills to actually bring back the respect of the President of the United States after 8 years of running that title in the ground with the “laugh in our faces” neighboring countries. Am I the only one tired of our President being a joke to other foreign leaders? No more bowing down with a President Cruz!

Ted Cruz is a TRUE CONSERVATIVE – he’s not an imitator nor a phony. His agenda all along has been to shake Washington DC up and he’s proven that with his senate history. He’s led the charge for conservatives on movements such as; Obamacare, guns, debt, immigration, energy and foreign policy. He also stands strong for ISRAEL!! Something our current President has embarrassingly proven to be a blatant form of disgrace.

Ted Cruz CAN BEAT HILLARY CLINTON – mark my words, HE CAN BEAT HILLARY! While she blazes her evil trail around American hitting all the softballs the media throws at her now…that won’t fly when she’s standing next to master debater Ted Cruz. Not only is he a quarter of a century younger than the old hag, he is brilliant against her in mind power, sharper than her in wit and squeaky clean next to her in his personal life and finances. You do know about Hillary & Bill’s reputation to be liars, cheaters and pretty much blatant criminals, right?

Don’t let your vote go to waste!

If Donald Trump wins this nomination, I’m afraid of the I TOLD YOU SO that will follow. His plea to make America great again just isn’t enough for me. Don’t be fooled. Everything is on the line.