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10 Things I Learned in June

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

I'm almost sick to say it's July 3rd and that my summer is halfway over.  But it's true!  The month of June slipped in and screamed out in what felt like just a couple of days.  I've caught myself asking over and over where has the time gone?  Then I remember….I spent most of the month bedside with my very sick mother in Florida.  Time goes much faster when you're occupied with serious issues.  I know the saying is, "Time flies when you're having fun!" but I beg to differ after the month I've just had.

Here's what I've learned during the month of June 2013:

1.  Babies of the family grow up too.  My oldest turned 23 on the same day as my youngest graduated high school.  Talk about a double-whammy!  I know, I know….this is what I've been preparing for but geez, it's hard stuff!


2.  Traveling with my hubby to new places is a true adventure.  Our whole married life has revolved around road trips.  We've loved every chance to go somewhere new and have always had an open mind about God sending us to new and exciting places as a family.  Now that my kids are grown….it's looking more & more like JUST THE TWO OF US!  I like it, too!


3.  Shish-ke-bobs are easy & delicious.  I've somehow missed out on this quick little scrumptious meal.  My family loved them and so did I.  You can bet, I'll be making shish-ke-bobs more often.


4.  A phone call can change your life.  I was busy going about my summer when the call came that my mother may not make it long enough for me to get there (Indiana to Florida).  My hubby drove all night and all day to make sure I was there for my mother.


5.  Husband's have a special ability to be LOGICAL thinkers.  I don't have a clue when it comes to thinking rationally in crazy situations but thankfully for me….God gave me a husband who does.  His willingness to have hard conversations with my mom when she was finally able to talk and think straight will forever be written on my heart.


6.  Good hospitals are hard to find.  After a rotten year of cancer, surgeries, hospital stays and then near death my mother finally fell into the hands of a hospital that took good care of her.  It wasn't a big fancy hospital either!


7.  Riding in the car for 16 hours with your hubby can turn downright evil when a large bag of PORK RINDS enter into the small space.  I can still smell them and I can still hear their crunchy chomp!  G R O S S !!


8.  A broken tooth can lead to two teeth being crowned, $700 and many weeks of pain that just won't stop.  I am claiming the summer of 2013 as the summer of the broken tooth debacle.


9.  Cleaning out a shoe closet can leave you stuck with two different flip-flops.  Yes, I threw the mates away without knowing they weren't a match.  Dangit!  Oh well, back to Old Navy!


10.  You can't control your kids.  No matter how many times you tell them they can NEVER buy a motorcycle (ok, so he's 23 what's your point?) they will still do whatever they want.  Therefore, I'm referring to him as the son I USED TO HAVE!  Real mature, huh?

June was harsh.  It didn't just blanket me with all the summer love I had planned on allowing it to do.  It smashed me into a mold that if I had the choice I would've skipped.  But God.   His ways are not my ways.  I feel it's only right for me to embrace the lessons and move forward.  Complaining or dwelling on all that didn't go as planned won't change a thing.  I'm happy to say that July just might beat June all to heck.  Good things are to come!

I just know it…