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Cut-n-Dry Gospel

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

I'm simple.  What you see is what you get, literally.  I don't teeter in my beliefs and I certainly don't do a good job of hiding how I feel about them.  Some call it, intolerant.  I call it, just being true to who I am.  I take God's Word as truth.  I believe what it says and I don't think of it as a playground to jump on and slide around on however I want.  The world tries to pursuade me (and you) to water it down or manipulate it to fit our particular wants or needs every single day.  Lots of people fall for that malarkey.  While I won't get into who is right or who is wrong, I will just say….I'll take my chances that I'm on the right track.

I didn't watch the Grammy's.  I didn't need to.  I knew I'd hear all about all the risky or "acceptable" performances the next morning on all the talk shows.  (Which, I did)  Still, I pretty much ignored it.  The people who participate in WOWing the audience & viewers have an agenda.  You've heard about the giant group wedding, right?  With every performance, every chance at a microphone and every opportunity to make a stand…..these folks want to tell you and me WE ARE WRONG!

We're wrong to believe scripture says homosexuality is a sin.  We're the mean ones for sticking to a belief that is ignorant, outdated and old fashioned.  We are the ones who hate.  We are cruel, unfair and evil.  And the more outrageous the show….the more fun they poke or humiliation they hurl at those who claim to be a Christian.

I don't have an agenda against anyone who is gay.  I don't hate gay people.  I don't behave in a way that is cruel or embarrassing to someone who chooses to love someone of the same sex.  EVER!  But, I have been hated, argued with and made to feel ashamed many times by someone who calls themself gay.  I've been judged, I've been snubbed and I've been talked about.  Again, something I never do to a person that believes their sexual preference is NO BIG DEAL.

Let me take this to one level higher.

I don't have a THIS SIN IS BIGGER THAN THAT SIN attitude or belief.  If you are a person sleeping with and having sex with a person that you are not married to….you are sinning against GOD.  Not against me, against what scripture teaches as righteous and holy behavior in the eyes of God.  If you are cheating your boss at work, you are sinning against God & His word.  If you are not paying your part in the government tax system, you are sinning against God.  If you are vandalizing someone's property and breaking a law, you are sinning against God.  If you are not being honest with your wife or husband about something, you are sinning against God.

Sin is sin.  No matter the vice you choose.  There are no levels of good & bad.  Or wrong & right.  Either you are choosing what is right (in the eyes of God) or you are choosing to go against God.  This whole concept of playing games with truth is a big fat joke.  Only it's not a funny one, as many will see on judgement day.

One of my biggest struggles is with understanding.  I can't understand how so many justify sinful behavior.  I also can't understand how so many people claim to be Christians yet do the complete opposite of what God & scripture teach.  Even better, when they claim the Bible doesn't contain instruction or they twist it to be OLD RULES in order to fit their current desires or circumstances.  Sadly, this blatant disregard for truth will come back full circle….someday.

The real truth of the matter is that those living like hell aren't genuine followers of Christ.  They don't have a real & personal trust in Jesus.  They may call out to Him when they need him but they don't truly have a grasp of WHO JESUS REALLY IS.  He's a saver, not a saviour!

If I remember this nugget of knowledge….then I can understand a little better the how's and why's of their choices.  It makes much better sense when they lash out at Christians on Facebook for their beliefs or post pictures of themselves in questionable situations (that leave no wondering what's going on in the imagination) or when they jump on a bandwagon of STICK IT TO YOU JESUS FREAKS justice for all (except you mean Christians) movements. 

I see it clearly then.  There is no grey in following God.  It's either black or white.  For me there is no in between.  And, I'll never apologize for it.


When the world tries to tell you to accept this or accept that…..don't be afraid to filter it through Christ.  It's okay, to disagree.