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Wimpy America

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

I love America.


I don’t love the crazy “warped” thinking that seems to be permeating our society. What is happening to us when little children are being arrested for pointing their fingers in the shape of a gun? Or a second grader suspended for chewing a pop-tart into the shape of a gun? Our hammer down approach to zero-tolerance has gone over the top and to be honest, it’s way off kilter. Meanwhile, ISIS is grooming their children TO KILL and die for a god that doesn’t give a rip about you or me or THEM!

Hey, if you hadn’t noticed….America is a focal point of some of the most deep rooted hate ever known to man. In Raqqa, Syria right this very minute runs a “training camp” for Islamic children. They indoctrinate them to hate Americans and whoever else doesn’t see the world as they do and to kill them for doing so. They are trained to fight for the building up of the Islamic State and their god. All while your kid is hauled in from the lunchroom for “pretending” to be a cop.

How’s that for zero tolerance?

While your little punkin’ might be playing cops & robbers, somewhere across the world….jihadist’s are hunkered down with small kids teaching them the real deal. The problem (besides the fact that no child needs to be trained to kill) I feel, is that America needs to snap out of it. Stop the madness.

No longer is it acceptable to have an imagination?

That’s the message being given when case after case of ridiculousness pops up on our evening news. Parents, I have no idea how to deal. Seriously. I have no clue what to tell you about your little Marcus or Shelly. All I know is that if your kid is busted for being a “normal” child playing make believe, you are probably going to end up a phenom on the tv.

I don’t want a wimpy America. I don’t want a jaded society who believes a gun pop-tart is DANGEROUS or worthy of an arrest. I don’t want any of this janked up thinking to saturate my country or the children in it. So, here’s my idea:


See the reality for what it is, FEAR MONGERING! Don’t let anyone tell you that our kids are all messed up because of guns and video games. Violence and hate is taught. Are you teaching your kids to hate? Probably not, so don’t let government or public education or anyone tell you that your little darlin has crossed a line by playing cowboys and Indians, anymore. In case you haven’t heard, our colleges are all abuzz with “offended” kids (young adults, that is) by trigger words and more. See how well all this zero-tolerance business is working? What a full circle picture. Awesome, huh?

Until Americans see this kind of stuff for what it is, it will only get worse.


Good day, folks.