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He Makey Purty Things

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

My hubby is a well-rounded dude. He can rock a baby to sleep, cook up the dreamiest most moist turkey and make any Pinterest dream I throw at him come true.

He’s amazing, y’all.

He cooks.

makes kit

He snuggles or traps bears (whichever you want to imagine)

makes 1111

He drives fast cars.

makes 11

He builds dreams.

makes 11a

He isn’t afraid to get down and dirty.

makes 1a

He shows me his love through art.

makes 1

makes 2

makes 3

makes 4

makes 5

makes 6

makes 7

makes 8

Look at all his amazing creations! Isn’t he awesome!?! I don’t think I brag on him enough. Someday….he’ll have a real work space. Until then, my garage will have to do.