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What’s Ahead?

Monday, August 1st, 2011

I’m starting to feel uptight and anxious again. I haven’t had these feelings all summer. It’s time to face the harsh reality–I have to work. I’m nervous about what’s ahead. For me, it could be anything. 🙁 Last night, I woke up in the total darkness worrying…..already.

I hate everything about those feelings. I like working. I don’t like being mistreated or jilted. Sadly, that’s how the game is played in some jobs. I’m wrestling with my confidence and I need a boost of assurance that it’s going to be better. With God….ALL things are possible.

Last night was our final service with the church hubby has been interim preaching. It marks an ending for us and a beginning for them. They have a new pastor arriving this week. Time goes quickly for some and slowly for others. The summer Sunday’s came and went pretty fast for us. They honored us with a cookies & icecream social. It’s always good to go out eating. 😉

I’m feeling blessed by the whole experience. God has done some amazing things in my family this summer. Not just here at home but for Gavin at camp too.  Yesterday, he and the girls sang special music in church.  I shot a little video of them practicing the night before in our kitchen.   Gates & Gavin are in view, Ally is off to the side (she sings 2nd verse).  They sounded great Sunday morning and blessed their Dad and I by participating in our last day there.

Great song, huh? I’m encouraged to move on and face whatever it is God has for me. Even rocky job stress.