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2012 Election Day

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Who cares that it's 29 degrees out here in Indiana.  My girls have spent many long days working the polls for their favorite candidates and this morning is no exception.  This is what they looked like earlier this morning as they left to do their part in supporting GENE RUDICEL for County Coroner of Jennings County.  They were all bundled up and loaded down with goodies to get them through a busy day.


Oh and might I add….they are sitting in Ally's car!!  The one that has been dead to me since August 23rd.  Hubby and his buddy (thank you Pat) finished it up last night around 10pm.  I bet she is overjoyed to be driving her own car again.  Such a big blessing!


Here's my little cutie Ally.  It seems the poll location that she and Gates were assigned is about 20 miles out in the county.  In the middle of nowhere's-ville.  Poor kids.  No big socializing out there, eh?  All business, all day!


Check out my baby.  Isn't she adorable too?  Can you believe that girl is having her 18th birthday this Friday?  Yea, me either.  Oh and talk about a kid that was bummed…..3 days from election day.  Just missed that voting cut-off!  🙁

I'm happy that my kids love their country and I'm even happier that they get involved and serve in some way.  My prayer is that they will always want to do the right thing when it comes to obeying Christ and their government.

Today, as you watch the news and mingle about doing your part in this election….I wish you the best and pray that everything you decide was bathed in prayer.  Our very future is at stake.  May God be glorified…even through the electoral process.