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It Can Happen To You Too

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

I’m not too proud to reveal my flaws! I figure why try to hide what is blatantly obvious anyway. Right? That’s why I’m sharing my old lady face this morning with THIS mark of evil —>


Count em! Not one….but two booming kapowing pimples! Do they hurt? Why, yes they do! But my pride more than anything is what’s suffering!


I took it as a challenge! I went to war and tried to camouflage it them as best as I could! Who wants to look at an old lady blasted by pimple warfare? Nobody, that’s who! 😉


The moral of my story? If it can happen to 45 year old me, it can happen to you too! BEWARE OF THE HORMONES, Y’ALL!

PS–how’d you like the strategic placement of those suckers? Between the eyes and the end of my nose. There’s no hiding them! Thankyouverymuch dudes!

How about a welcome to the new month. February is officially here! Make sure you’re sharing the love. <3