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Thursday, April 28th, 2011

It just hit me that in one month my #2 baby will be graduating high school! It’s been such a busy year. So many memories. The time has flown by. She still seems like my little girl and I guess that’s how it is for most mama’s. Our hearts are linked forever!

Just the other night my MIL pulled out a stack of pictures. Ally was amazed to see all the family resemblences and old memories of days gone by. She stole one particular photo out of the bunch and put it up in her room. She’s calling it the “Princess Di” photo because she thinks I looked like HRH. It’s a picture of me with baby #1 Gavin when he was just weeks old. Her biggest issue with the picture (besides me looking royal) was that the cute baby WASN’T HER!!! haha.

She is a cracked pot! 😉

I’ll have to post the picture soon. Right now, I’m in prom mode! Ally ordered another dress and it’s still not here. PANIC!! Both she and Gates need shoes, jewelry, hair appointments, corasages designed, prom tickets and all of this done in A WEEK!!!! Prom is May 7th, people! If the new gown doesn’t arrive by Monday…..we’ve got a bit of altering to do to dress #1. So, one more thing to that list above! Eeek!

The NEW dress

Whichever she wears…..she will be beautiful!

Now….what am I wearing? Hadn’t thought of that!