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What Can You Get For A Penny?

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

I've got shopping in my blood.  It's a raw talent that I pride myself on.  There isn't a full-price item out there that I can't find cheaper somewhere…all it takes is a bit of dedication and some snooping around.  Oh and a tiny amount of patience.

Which I'm blessed with WHEN IT COMES TO SPENDING MY MONEY!  πŸ˜‰

Recently, hubby and I were on a fun shopping trip away from kids and jobs with nothing but time on our hands.  So we spent the day visiting a few well-known stores just browsing.  If you're familiar with browsing, then you know really good deals can come from being in the right place at the right time.

That was just my luck when I walked into Nordstrom Rack in Keystone.  I wandered around not expecting to find anything special…when I noticed a rack of evening gowns.  My youngest has Prom coming up in a few weeks, so I thought I'd give it a peek just to see if there was anything fantastic in her size.

As soon as I walked up to the tall rack, I could see a gorgeous green dress.  I held it up and oggled at it's silky elegant beauty.  The shape, the color, the long classy sleeves, the feminine neckline and then I flipped over the tag.  ($11.01)  I checked the name brand–BCBGMAX AZRIA.  The same designer that Ally wore last year.  

Fancy, y'all!

I looked for a sales-clerk because everyone knows that what you see on the price tag (these days) isn't always correct.  Sometimes the item gets marked accidentally the wrong price and boohoo, the jokes on you shopper!  The lady was firm.  Yes ma'am, that dress is $11.01.  Looks like you've found a great deal!

My thoughts exactly, girlfriend!

Up to the register we mosied.  Hubby and I agreed that even if no one ever used it for a prom….our girls would wear it for something and $11 bucks was worth every penny of fun we'd have bragging about getting a BCBG gown so cheap.  Score!

The clerk rang it up and announced, "That will be 1 penny, please!".  All three of us stopped and stared at the register trying to take in what she just said.  Then we all laughed outloud.  She said, "You've stumbled upon a close-out that just happened to be left on the floor".  It was our "lucky" day!


Paying a penny for a gorgeous BCBG gown has to be one of the greatest shopping showdowns of my career.  To call it satisfying would be an understatement.  It was almost as good as a back massage or a fancy vacation away from my troubles (not that I have any)!  Hehe!  It just serves to reinforce my  shopping attitude–you can find it cheaper!

Tell me, what's the best bargain you've found lately?




Thursday, April 28th, 2011

It just hit me that in one month my #2 baby will be graduating high school! It’s been such a busy year. So many memories. The time has flown by. She still seems like my little girl and I guess that’s how it is for most mama’s. Our hearts are linked forever!

Just the other night my MIL pulled out a stack of pictures. Ally was amazed to see all the family resemblences and old memories of days gone by. She stole one particular photo out of the bunch and put it up in her room. She’s calling it the “Princess Di” photo because she thinks I looked like HRH. It’s a picture of me with baby #1 Gavin when he was just weeks old. Her biggest issue with the picture (besides me looking royal) was that the cute baby WASN’T HER!!! haha.

She is a cracked pot! πŸ˜‰

I’ll have to post the picture soon. Right now, I’m in prom mode! Ally ordered another dress and it’s still not here. PANIC!! Both she and Gates need shoes, jewelry, hair appointments, corasages designed, prom tickets and all of this done in A WEEK!!!! Prom is May 7th, people! If the new gown doesn’t arrive by Monday…..we’ve got a bit of altering to do to dress #1. So, one more thing to that list above! Eeek!

The NEW dress

Whichever she wears…..she will be beautiful!

Now….what am I wearing? Hadn’t thought of that!