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Ode to the #nsale (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

Monday, July 17th, 2017

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It’s that time again, the annual Nordstrom Anniversary sale. The one where women go bonkers and lose their whole minds just to shop at the fancy shmancy department store that houses every fashion loving gals’ dreams. I have to confess, I am very jelly of all the shoppers scooping up all the greatest items before any of us peasant folk can have a go at it. If you don’t know how this gig works, I’ll tell ya. If you are not a Nordstrom credit card holder, you no shoppy at this sale until they open it up to the “public” (aka peasants)! Which means, everything that is really popular and loved is all picked over or totally G O N E by the time the losers get to shop. Heartbreaking, huh? Mehhh! Whatevs, I’m over it!

If you search Nordstrom sale on Pinterest….you will find hundreds of pins for shopping strategies to get everything you wish for and for stuff you don’t even need. Bloggers have teams of people working for them just helping them put together posts about every item YOU MUST HAVE and for all the latest deals and even the RESTOCK items. Seriously? Come on. Not only are these chicks posting their best of the best #nsale goodies, they are buying (or are they?) $1000’s of dollars worth of ON SALE ITEMS for their already bulging closets.

Now let me be very clear. NO ONE LOVES CLOTHES SHOES JEWELS PURSES COSMETICS more than moi (ME). I live to look good. I drool over pretty things. I cherish a fabulous outfit that makes me appear to be better than a pack of crackers! I adore shopping and I have even been known to claim that I shop like it’s my dang job (it’s not, I’m a hot housewife…as in, I’m going through the change like a fireball). I would love nothing more than to get paid to buy the latest fashions and to snap pics of my old lady self in the mirror over & over & over again.

I’m that vain. Really.

Still, I have a problem with the whole braggy lifestyle fetish that this whole Nordy sale has turned into. I swear I’m not just talking from a heart of jealousy. I WANT MY OWN NORDSTROM CARD!!! I admit it. I want to shop that dang sale early just like the rest of you fashion hogs. But, I can’t help but recognize more clothes and sizzling hot boots are not what God wants for me. He has something so much better than a bell-sleeved sweater top.

In my morning devotion today, I read about a missionary who was visiting in a very poor village. She asked how she could pray for the woman living in the dirt floor hut. Without hesitation, this woman with no sink, fridge, furniture and more said, “pray that I would be able to teach my children the love of God and to serve Him with their whole lives!”. What? Don’t pray for me to have a better home? Pray for my comforts? Pray for beds for all my children to sleep in and not on the floor? Pray for warm clothes or clean water?

Seriously. NO. She wanted what scripture plainly reminds us repeatedly in the Bible. To love God, not stuff. To serve Him, not our lifestyles. To want what HE wants not what we dream of for ourselves.

Ouch! Conviction.

Philippians 3:8 says, “Everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus”. See, you and I have fallen for a very sneaky trick from the enemy. He likes to tell you & me that stuff will make us happy. More clothes will fill up our empty tanks. Having the latest fashions, driving the fanciest car or having the biggest house will fulfill our longings. And… he is dead wrong!

My mother collected things her whole life. Her house was so full of beautiful items, boxes and boxes of clothes, furnishings and even a pantry full of foods. Yet, she didn’t use any of it. She probably wore the same few outfits and only ate a little of the food here & there. She surely wasn’t enjoying the expensive china dishes or any of the stacks of things in her storage rooms. She lived to excess because it made her feel better. When she died she left it all behind. I was stuck sorting out her lifetime of collecting things that no one needed. What value did any of it bring to her? How did it make her love the Lord more? Did she understand Eph. 3:8?

I want to know Christ more than I want that cute pair of booties on sale at Nordstrom. Stuff goes away, goes out of style….breaks or tears up. Jesus is for always, here on earth and on to eternity in heaven. I want to spend my energy and heart on what’s eternal.



Forgive me for loving stuff more than I do you sometime. I’m so blessed to live in a country where shopping is as easy as waking up and yet, I’ve missed the mark on what real living is. Help me to point to you with my life and my lifestyle.



Friday, November 25th, 2016

I’m not a beat the bushes Black Friday shopper! I do not get up early, I do not race down to all my fave stores and stand in the looooooong lines, I do not give a rip van winkle about Kitchenaid Mixer deals or tv steals….because I am a bonafied crowd hating snob!

I can’t take the pressure of too many people and if they are pushy and aggressive people – I am SEACREST O U T!!!

So, I stay home in my pj’s sipping my coffee and tiptap away on my laptop where I can find the juiciest of deals that really make the best sense for me or my peeps! I’ve done a little snooping around and I think I’ve found a few that someone like me might want to add to their arsenal for this Christmas. Hope you find something amazing!

pink hun

Kids Hunter Boots $60

The deals on Hunter boots is incredible. Not just one pair but almost all of them are marked down today. This is WOW! I won’t admit how many pairs of Hunter boots I own (or my girls) but I wear them a lot and they are hands down the BEST RAINBOOT out there! These deals are off the chart good!

hunter bl

Womens Hunter “Original Tall” Boot $112.50 (Reg. $150)
Also, if you find them cheaper….Nordy’s is pricematching!!!

Guys!!! This deal! Yeeeeeehaw!

bob stroller

2016 BOB Revolution Flex Stroller $319.99 (Reg. $500)

I have no punkins! I have no punkins having punkins! But this stroller deal is crazy! I pushed 3 kids around for a long time on several different strollers…so I know how important it is to have a CADILLAC of strollers to carry the load. These strollers are literally Cadillac’s! This deal is a must have for someone! YOU ARE WELCOME!

Also: The Britax carseats are on a great sale too!


PMD Personal Microderm Pro 1/2 off! (Reg. 199.00)

This deal is very very special! These do not go on sale! And one of my fave bloggers has the sweet discount code for 1/2 off the “worth it” full price cost. Mint Arrow is the blog and her secret code is mint50 at checkout! Go get this deal!


Great 30% discount over at ANTHROPOLOGIE all weekend by using this code — LETSGO

fuji bundle

FUJIFILM Instax Mini 26 Bundle $49.99 (Reg. $69)

This deal gets even better if you clipped the Amazon Prime Member coupon last month. If not, this price is still $20 bucks off and awesome. These make the greatest gifts!

ugg sh

UGG Nash Shearling Boot $95.91 (Reg. $ 179)

Sizes on boots are very limited. However, if you search around on the site you will surely find something in your size and color for a fraction of the normal cost. Yippee!

fr y e

FRYE Melissa Button Boot $223.91 (Reg. $ 367)

This sale is bonkers!!! You cannot wear out Frye boots! You cannot find a better feeling or looking boot! GO GET YOURSELF A PAIR!


ANTHROPOLOGIE’s Georgina Bedding!!!! $278.60 (Reg. $ 398)

I’m so sad to be poor right now! This is the bedding I have wished for and wished for — for my master bedroom! This darned bedding was unavailable when I had a real life with a real job and didn’t care what it cost! Now, not only is it available it is on major sale this weekend only! Booooo hoooo!

Someone needs the deal. Go, you filthy animals and buy it!
Use the code “letsgo” and score!

Kindle e-reader NEW black 6inch! $49.99 WOOT!!!

The sale going on at Home Depot is awesome too! You can score up to 40% off on appliances. If you’re in the market to upgrade a few household items, go quick!

The sales are endless. You don’t really need me to find any great deals. Still, if these are items you might need or be looking for the prices are amazing! Enjoy the hunt!

Who says Black Friday has to be gloomy? Not me!

What Can You Get For A Penny?

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

I've got shopping in my blood.  It's a raw talent that I pride myself on.  There isn't a full-price item out there that I can't find cheaper somewhere…all it takes is a bit of dedication and some snooping around.  Oh and a tiny amount of patience.

Which I'm blessed with WHEN IT COMES TO SPENDING MY MONEY!  πŸ˜‰

Recently, hubby and I were on a fun shopping trip away from kids and jobs with nothing but time on our hands.  So we spent the day visiting a few well-known stores just browsing.  If you're familiar with browsing, then you know really good deals can come from being in the right place at the right time.

That was just my luck when I walked into Nordstrom Rack in Keystone.  I wandered around not expecting to find anything special…when I noticed a rack of evening gowns.  My youngest has Prom coming up in a few weeks, so I thought I'd give it a peek just to see if there was anything fantastic in her size.

As soon as I walked up to the tall rack, I could see a gorgeous green dress.  I held it up and oggled at it's silky elegant beauty.  The shape, the color, the long classy sleeves, the feminine neckline and then I flipped over the tag.  ($11.01)  I checked the name brand–BCBGMAX AZRIA.  The same designer that Ally wore last year.  

Fancy, y'all!

I looked for a sales-clerk because everyone knows that what you see on the price tag (these days) isn't always correct.  Sometimes the item gets marked accidentally the wrong price and boohoo, the jokes on you shopper!  The lady was firm.  Yes ma'am, that dress is $11.01.  Looks like you've found a great deal!

My thoughts exactly, girlfriend!

Up to the register we mosied.  Hubby and I agreed that even if no one ever used it for a prom….our girls would wear it for something and $11 bucks was worth every penny of fun we'd have bragging about getting a BCBG gown so cheap.  Score!

The clerk rang it up and announced, "That will be 1 penny, please!".  All three of us stopped and stared at the register trying to take in what she just said.  Then we all laughed outloud.  She said, "You've stumbled upon a close-out that just happened to be left on the floor".  It was our "lucky" day!


Paying a penny for a gorgeous BCBG gown has to be one of the greatest shopping showdowns of my career.  To call it satisfying would be an understatement.  It was almost as good as a back massage or a fancy vacation away from my troubles (not that I have any)!  Hehe!  It just serves to reinforce my  shopping attitude–you can find it cheaper!

Tell me, what's the best bargain you've found lately?



It’s the little things

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Or in this case…the BIG ones! This Christmas wasn’t one of heavy spending or expensive gifts. Thanks to the bustling busting economy! We tried to keep things in perspective and limited any dream purchases. You know, like a new car? Yea, we’ll all keep dreaming! πŸ˜‰

On a trip to the outlet mall last Wednesday, the one where we didn’t find anything we were looking for. We headed back towards home and stopped by Sam’s (our go-to place for fun). As we perused the aisles looking for my favorite chocolate truffles, hubby happened upon these little beauties! He, being the ever observant one grabbed them and claimed….OURS!!! Since “lounging” is one of our many love languages, I think he gets the perfect Christmas gift award!


Just look at us! We can’t move from one room to the other without dragging these monsters with us. THEY ARE AWESOME!!! I’m even using mine right now as I blog (in bed). Thank you hubby! This is proof that you don’t have to give something expensive and extravagant to make someone happy! We love our pillows and YOU!!