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Not This Year, Dude!

Monday, December 26th, 2011

I believe I’ve whined shared about my crazy love for a certain chocolate truffle here before. It’s only available during the winter months here in America, the land of the free and home of the serious chocoholics! It’s sold at Sam’s Club and if you’re a “real” chocolate lover…. YOU WILL BUY AS MANY BOXES AS YOUR HUBBY WILL ALLOW!

Because, once Christmas is over..they mark it down in price (which is cra-cra since I don’t mind paying full price for quality deliciousness) and the pigs jerks animals shoppers come out and buy the stuff by the cart full!

I loathe them!

Last year, I learned a very valuable lesson. Don’t sit on your buttoosky playing online while these “people” are out wiping the shelves of your beloved chocolate! Did I mention, how they disgust me? πŸ˜‰

It really wouldn’t have been so bad had I actually purchased more than one box. But I thought…. “I had this” under control. My plan was to hit the store sometime after Christmas and LOAD UP on my drug of choice truffles. Hubby and I lahh-dee-daahhed our way down the candy aisle only to see the yucky stuff left!

No, mama don’t lie! It was a meltdown right there on the Christmas clearance aisle. I vowed to the Lord and Don Galloway right then that this would never happen to me again!

As you can guess–I hit the motherload! Hubby and I rolled out of here early this morning and went straight to Sams. As soon as we reached the candy aisle, I knew it was going to be hairy. People were packed up and down the lane picking out their favorite chocolates on sale. I Nascar drove manuevered my cart right up to THE GOOD STUFF and piled it in!

Check it out, ya’ll!

In my defense, I have some special people that I like to share with so it’s not all for me. Geez, just most of it! Teehee!

FACT: World’s greatest chocolate truffles fill my love tank!

If you ever wondered about my ability to bare all shallowness–friends, here it is! πŸ™‚ I pray you’re cup overfloweth from the Christmas weekend!

It’s the little things

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Or in this case…the BIG ones! This Christmas wasn’t one of heavy spending or expensive gifts. Thanks to the bustling busting economy! We tried to keep things in perspective and limited any dream purchases. You know, like a new car? Yea, we’ll all keep dreaming! πŸ˜‰

On a trip to the outlet mall last Wednesday, the one where we didn’t find anything we were looking for. We headed back towards home and stopped by Sam’s (our go-to place for fun). As we perused the aisles looking for my favorite chocolate truffles, hubby happened upon these little beauties! He, being the ever observant one grabbed them and claimed….OURS!!! Since “lounging” is one of our many love languages, I think he gets the perfect Christmas gift award!


Just look at us! We can’t move from one room to the other without dragging these monsters with us. THEY ARE AWESOME!!! I’m even using mine right now as I blog (in bed). Thank you hubby! This is proof that you don’t have to give something expensive and extravagant to make someone happy! We love our pillows and YOU!!

Once upon a …..

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Time…there was a middle-aged man, who’s feet would get so cold that he would jump out of bed like an acrobat and do funny gyrating moves. But don’t laugh, cause he gets really mad! He might even grit his teeth and knarl his fists! No, don’t laugh. It’s best just to sit quietly…maybe even act like you’re asleep (deeeeeeep asleep). So, he won’t take his fit out on you. Even though there is nothing you can do really.


Let him stumble upon one of these little babies at Sam’s Club for $50. Yea, it was a bargain….it has DUAL CONTROLS, people! And it came home with us that very day.

First thing he did was put it on the bed and turn it on. Well, almost turned it on. One of the controls WOULD NOT work (guess which side of the bed?). His!

Then, we were snowed in for the week. So, he tried calling the manufacturer. All he could do was leave messages and he never heard back from them. Lame!

So, on Thursday night…..I had mercy and ran it back to Sam’s to exchange for a working one. But, there were no more to be found! They marked them down to $27 dollars and SOLD EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!!!! πŸ™

Did I mention….I’ve been in bed deathly ill the entire week? Well, I was still not feeling well and this trip was a bad idea.

Luckily, the rude uncaring nice helpful clerk at Sam’s looked up where there might be another of these little babies at another location. JACKPOT, 14 of them still at the Greenwood Sam’s an hour away. Aww man! I’ll never make it to Greenwood. I’m still trying to “not go towards the light”!

Guess where I went today? Greenwood to Sam’s! Yes, it was worth it. When I found it…..I looked up at the price and it was marked down to $24! I grabbed the color we needed and headed to the register running right into an older lady who stopped me to ask…..”Ooooh if you haven’t ever tried one of those, you’re going to LOVE IT!!”.

I laughed. Especially when she told me she paid $70 for hers at the beginning of the cold season. Yikes, I couldn’t hold back that they were now $24. And off she went to get another one.

The End!

Fingers crossed that this one works perfectly. It really is a nice heating blanket. Super soft…..just the way I like it. Warm feet and happy hearts….here we come!