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Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

When you least need things to go wrong, they usually will.  I'm whining long and hard this morning as I mourn the loss (the FINAL LOSS) of my washing machine.  It's been hanging by a squeaking thread for the last couple of weeks and I knew it wasn't long for this world….but DID IT HAVE TO HAPPEN NOW?

Everyone is scrambling to get out of here this weekend for weddings (yes, I said weddings..2 in different states) so you know what that means right?  Lots of laundry to do in order to take your favorite ______!


Oh whatever!


It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't awoken to the sounds of, "Oh NO!  Gracie threw up on my bed!!".  I can't quite express what words like that do to me.  I am quite literally a WASH-A-HOLIC!!  (Ask around)  I will wash anything that sits still.  I believe it has something to do with my childhood.  Possibly, I'm trying to control everything around me by cleaning it to my liking.

All this happening on a day when my boy is driving off (without me) to Mississippi to stand as best man in one of his closest friends wedding.  Oh and I have NO CAR to drive to washer shop!

"The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and He knoweth them that trust in Him."  Nahum 1:7

How do you cope when you're facing a stack of challenges?  

I've come up with a few techniques or thoughts on how to chill out when you really want to lose it.

Take a deep breath–It's no secret, we hold in much of our stress just by the way we breathe.  Taking a few minutes to cleanse the brain with some deep breathing techniques can open up your thinking and calm you down at the same time.  So, breathe!

Pray–God is not chaotic.  Our problems can overwhelm us but they never catch Him off guard.  He is ready and willing to listen to our plea's for help.  Tell him what your needs are and let it go.  His plan is best anyway, right?

Lean on someone you love–There really is power in teaming up.  When we have someone to talk things through with us it empowers us to face tough issues.  It may not solve the problem at hand but it will make you feel confident that "this too shall pass".

Get proactive–No matter what the problem is there will always be an answer.  Sometimes we struggle because the answer is a hard one and no one wants to do the hard stuff.  Follow through with whatever it is that will bring closure to your issue.  Don't go down without a fight!

Escape–Walk away from the problem.  I bet you thought I was going to tell you to run from it.  Sometimes all we need is a break from the chaos to give our heart & mind a clear thinking space.  Go out and powerwalk or listen to the birds singing from a favorite garden bench.  It will give you a better perspective on all that you're facing.

Trust–Know that "all things work for the good of those who love Christ" (Rom. 8:28).  God really does have a plan and sometimes crazy things happen in the mix of that plan unfolding.  Ex: My daughter totalled my husband's car last year.  We were already car stretched.  Insurance paid much more than we expected and we were able to buy a better car (in cash) which led to the purchase of another even better car for my hubby.  In the end, both of them were able to purchase good cars after sharing one okay car.  We wouldn't ever ask God to cause a car wreck to make such great things happen….but that wreck turned out to be a catalyst to a car problem we couldn't figure out how to solve.

I know none of these take away having to replace a washing machine or a family splitting up travel plans….but maybe they can help ease the stress of it all and put you (and me) on a path of surrender.  God has this….He can handle it!


Trusting Him Even With My Dirty Laundry


JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW—-> June 20th, 2012

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