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Heart of Spam

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

computer dummyMy IT hubby gets frustrated with me over most things techy.  I usually begin any conversation with him that involves computer trouble with, "Don't get mad, but…" and inevitably we end up RAISING OUR VOICES in fellowship!

One of the most annoyed issues he seems to have with me is over my email.  [Like I can control all that comes into it.]  He's changed my email address to ward off all the piles of spam and after 2 years or more of t y p i n g out the world's longest email address, it's just as full of spam as the last awesome email addy!  I posted a new year's wish out to all the spammers last week on Facebook (cause, I'm real mature like that)!

~~To those who spam your email – may the year 2014 be the year you catch all manner of cooties & forget your passwords & find Jesus!

And….I meant it!  Spammers are trouble!  They pop into your life unexpectedly and most times unknowingly and make a huge mess.  They pile up and overtake all your space (peace) and distract you from all that's important in your life (email).

Much like a heart full of sin.

I hadn't realized just how closely the two were connected until I had a few minutes to feel sorry for myself today.  During my little cry….in my defense, I've had a really big year of change.  I started thinking of all the piles of spam in my email and realized that I just ignore ALL EMAIL now because of it's overwhelming presence in my reader.  I tend to do that same thing when there's something that doesn't belong there (in my heart) too.

My wish to clear out all the spam of the world — reminds me of all the junk in my heart that needs to go!

Mean thoughts.  Greed.  Jealousy.  Anger.  Lack of self-control.  Discord.  Selfishness.  Hot temper.  Bad words.  Unpleasing spirit.  Laziness.  Disagreeable attitude.  Bossy.  Harshness.  Pettyness. 

and that's just a glimpse at what's in there.

I'm so grateful that God doesn't get angry every time I say to him, "Don't get mad Lord…but I have this junk in my heart!".  Every time, without even the slightest hesitation God wipes it clean again….my heart of spam.

What does God want you to swipe clean today?  My prayer is that it's nothing more than some long list of spam in your email folders.  If not, get busy wiping out what blocks you from real peace and true joy – right now!