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A Book Run

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

We are book people. If it has words that equal a good story we are like a moth to the flame. We must read it. Unfortunately, we tend to collect more books than our 2400 square foot house can hold. It’s sinful, period! Pray for us!

Not only do we like to collect book books. Somehow, my “guys” end up with tons of college books. My garage is so full of hubby’s seminary books we could start our own Baptist library. These (I’m told) are invaluable resources and can’t just be “gotten rid of”. He could need one of them and then what? So, they stay in their many boxes piled up high to the top of our garage. When the doors open up…the world can see who we really are, packrats! πŸ˜‰

Since my sweetboy has moved home (a pile of stuff at a time) finding a place to put all of his things has been tricky. We’ve weeded out closets, drawers and once again resorted to stacking stuff up. It’s so annoying. I hate the clutter like I hate peeling potatoes (and baby, I hate peeling potatoes!!). So if you can imagine the mixture of items packed all willy-nilly–think about trying to find something important. It’s impossible!

So the big kahuna of MUST FINDS this week has been two very important books. Not just any old books either…..oh no, we don’t work that way. We like to live right on the edge of hysteria and madness.

These dudes—–>

Only one of them could be found. Not good. The owner, a very important AP Physics teacher next door to me (at school) needed them ASAP!! I was at work feeling a little stressed that the missing one would never be seen again. So, I did what any frazzled mama would do….I prayed. Then I sent him a final message that said, “Find it, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!!”.

Minutes later, he sends me the news that he has located the very lost and important book. It’s in Bloomington!

Good thing he’s a college dude and has nothing but time and money, huh? πŸ™‚
A lesson for him. A blessing for us both.

Thank you Lord. You care about things that we goof up and I’m forever grateful!