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Weekends Are For Blessings

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Don’t you love great weekends? Me too! I can’t wait to tell you all about mine. It’s been raining blessings here. I hope I can splash some of my yeehaw onto you this Monday morning. On top of the weekend I have three days left until Christmas break, people! I’m walking on a cloud.

Remember my whining about no health insurance and the high cost of hubby’s medication? Well, he needed a refill this weekend and off we went in search of A) a pharmacy that actually had the medication in, B) the best price and lastly C) a pharmacy that was open. After 3 stops, discouragement was starting to knock on the door. Either they weren’t open or they were out of the med’s. Which means, we hit the point of WE’LL PAY ANYTHING!

We almost gave up when we decided to try one more Walgreens across town. Hubby went in and I waited for what seemed forever in the car. He came out and said, “Well, they have it but the price has gone up yet again!”. I thought, of course it has! Then he told me about the tech working who mentioned she was uninsured herself. She said she had a coupon prescription book that she would try on his prescription. The first few didn’t offer any help but then she said, “How about $66?” Surprised, my hubby thought she meant a discount of $66. Oh no, the new cost? $66 BUCKS! That’s a savings of $107.

BOOM! Blessing from heaven!

We went directly to Starbucks and bought her a giftcard! She blessed us, we wanted to say thank you in a fun way! Enjoy awesome Walgreens Pharmacy Tech!

Ally has the cutest HOTPINK Christmas tree in her room. Last week, she noticed her pretty pink lights had blown in random spots. Not cool or easy to find replacements. I searched online and everywhere I found them they were ridiculously high or shipping was crazy. On our journey for something fun at Menards last night….hot pink lights were right there for the taking! Awesome price and NO SHIPPING, ya’ll! SCORE!

12.99 never looked so pretty, right?

Because of my extra day of rest, I took on a few “catch up” projects. I not only wrapped up Christmas….I started a new batch of cold brewed coffee! I haven’t had an iced coffee in months. I forgot about it (that’s part of the process) and cracked up when I came out to this! —->

It appears that my sweet tea loving boy came out to find my set-up in his tea container. He is not a fan of coffee grains in cold water. Go figure! 😉

One more fun part of my weekend was a secret surprise party for my school bestie, Betsy. She’s been through the medical ringer this year. Several months back she had a stroke! I SAID, A STROKE! She’s a young beautiful mama with 2 sweet little darlin’s and she stepped into a territory of life that most her age can’t imagine. By all accounts, it’s a miracle that she is ok and back on the road to a long and healthy life. It was discovered to be a problem in her heart and last month she underwent a procedure where they patched 6 holes! Incredible, right? I totally agree.

Betsy has a great family. Her husband Pat wanted to do something special to celebrate her new healthy life. So he planned a little dinner way out in the country at a great fried chicken place called Stones. I managed to NOT BLAB about it all week long as she and I talk every chance we get throughout the schoolday. We were running late (of course) getting out there, so when we pulled into the parking lot an SUV pulled right up beside us. Imagine how big my eyes got when I realized it was BETSY! Yikes!

It was just getting dark and the windows are tinted on our car so I yelled, “FREEZE”! I slid down in the seat and told hubby to act natural. He was confident she would never know it was us since she hadn’t actually seen his new car. So, he turns it off as they are exiting their car and the light comes on inside our car! I’m serious, ya’ll! It was like a Lucy & Ethel moment! I was shaking like I’d participated in some sort of crime.

We let them walk on in and snuck in behind. It ended up being a great surprise! But man, I will never be late like that again! Fun times.

And the best way to end the weekend? After losing every single game they’ve played all season—THE COLTS WON! Colts Vs. Titans

Yay, Blue! Consider me completely smitten!

Come on, Monday! Come at me! I AM READY!