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Mama’s Do Something!!

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

I love being a mama! It’s truly a privilege. My kids….are my heart. I’m pretty crazy about them. Are they perfect? Heck no! Do I love them anyway? Heck yes! Do I want what’s best for them? Oh yea, you bet. But am I willing to let them run wild and do whatever they wish? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

Today, I read an article in the newspaper of a young couple being arrested for attempted murder. The case went something like this: Boyfriend talks girlfriend into pouring boiling water on girlfriend’s mother’s face….because she didn’t approve of their relationship! Uhh, hello? Can you say…..HUH? What in the world was she thinking? Who does that? Who gets so angry or frustrated with ANYONE let alone your mother and decides to go along with a boyfriend to KILL HER? I’m still trying to process this!

Crazy days!

So, I’ve been thinking. The news is just filled with junk about young people doing insane things. Have you heard of Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton lately? What is going on? Mama’s, what are you doing? Or is it, what are you NOT DOING? I’m sorry, but God is not pleased with permissive parenting. Consequences are a part of life and for some of these people….they NEVER have to face any. Therefore, the problems…criminal activity…promiscuous behavior…..and drug & alcohol lifestyle only seem to worsen. Oh and let’s not forget…..the world wants to glamourize every step these wild girls take.


I’m far from perfect as a mom. Seriously. I own my fleshly wicked wacky nature. I goof, every single day! But I’m not going to turn my head and NOT PARENT my kids. I take it pretty serious. I want nothing more than to see them live victoriously in Christ! I cannot fathom just letting them free to act anyway they wish. I will continue to love them and hold them accountable (and I even have allowed them to hold me to a high standard as well). If I’m not willing to be REAL with them how can I ever expect them to do the same with me?

Stop handing your kids over to the world! It’s filled with evil! Your children are begging for love and attention that is bathed in God’s word and mercy! Be real to them and teach them to value themselves and other’s! It’s only a matter of time before you reap the benefits of your investment!

Will it be hot boiling water on your face as you sleep?
Or will it be a life lived openly for Christ and His goodness (thanks to you)? 🙁

I do know that there are young people living fully for Christ and doing good things. It’s just that I’m really sick of the crummy behavior that I do see everyday in my world! Arent’ YOU?

Someone else’s sin

Monday, July 27th, 2009

One of the saddest parts of scripture can be found in 2 Samuel. King David had some bad kids! Namely, Absolom. In chapter 13, we see that he had a beautiful sister named Tamar. Tamar was a virgin. Amnon, another brother (from another mother) was fascinated with her. He was lusting to the point of craziness. He had to have her! An evil plan was put in place at the urging of Jonadab, a not so upstanding friend. Amnon would fake sick and ask for Tamar to come make cakes and feed him until he felt well again. Huh? That just sounds hokey to me. King David sent word for Tamar to aid poor sick Amnon (never knowing that a crime so sad would take place against her). She went, he raped her…even though she begged him not to. Then, verse 15 says, “Amnon hated her with such intensity that the hatred he hated her with was greater than the love he had loved her with.”

Tamar’s life…..was ruined!

She lived the rest of her life as a desolate woman in her brother’s house.

The King…..was furious! That’s all we are told. He doesn’t call him in and bust any booty! He simply feels helpless, maybe. Oh but Absolom, he hasn’t let it go. Two years later, he pounces on an opportunity to retaliate. He too devises a little scheme. He invites all the king’s sons to a little party out at Baal-hazor. He tells his men to keep an eye on Amnon, once he’s good and drunk…..kill him! They do the deed….the rest of the sons take off (wouldn’t you?) and head for safety. By this point, who can you trust, right? Certainly not a brother!

Again, the king does nothing…..he mourns but gives no real consequences. Scripture tells us, he tore his clothes and wept. Which is understandable….it was his son. On top of that, he was killed by another son. So, yeah….I think that’s pretty awful! But, come on KING! Hold someone accountable! Parenting is tough! We’re not to be passive in that job. Our kids need Christ-like guidance all the time.

We see that Absolom stays away for 3 years. Then weasles his way back in….and here’s where it gets really ugly! Absolom wants to take over his father’s role as king. Undeservedly at that. He uses people and trickery to get the king into battle. King David split and started running for his life with his men…..he left behind 10 of his concubines to take care of the palace.

Bad idea.

Absolom is so wicked. He takes these poor women to the roof and rapes them for the whole world to see. Not only are they his victims…but in Chapter 20 we see that they lived the rest of their lives as if they were widows. King David put them under guard, he provided for them…but he never spent any time with them again. It was as if they never existed!

Someone else’s sin! Tamar and the 10 concubines….victim’s of someone else’s sin! What had they done? Through no fault of their own, these women carried the consequences of someone else’s sin to their graves.

This causes me to think long and hard about my own sin. Not only does it affect me but it affects those around me. I don’t want it to, but the reality is that it does. How can I protect those that I love? By living in obedience to Christ. He specifically died for me in order that I would be free from the effects of sin. He was beaten….so I could be whole. God’s forgiveness and sacrifice allows me the freedom to be His…even though I don’t deserve it.

“I will turn their mourning into joy and will comfort them and give them joy for their sorrow”. Jeremiah 31:13