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Is Money Your Master? Book Review

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

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Recently, I was out "thrift-shopping" when a little voice spoke up inside my head.  I was perusing through a rack of very discounted clothing when the voice said, "Oh you MUST HAVE this!".  Strangely enough, it wasn't a voice telling me that I HAD TO HAVE any of the clothing I was rummaging past….it was a voice that I've heard countless times in department stores and clothing stores throughout my lifetime.  I've been guilty of saying it to friends, children….my hubby (insert any name of shopping co-hort) myself.  "Oh, you can't leave without this!  It looks amazing on you!".

The voice of reason suddenly seemed foolish and wasteful as I pushed through racks of "worn a few times" clothing.  Clothes that once held high value, to someone!  Clothes that JUST HAD TO BE HAD…now hanging with high hopes on a thrift/discount store rack.  It reminded me of my easily justified shopping habits and of an ideal vision of somehow……managing my money instead of allowing it to manage me!

Before I go any further, I will admit….shopping is one of those "feel good" emotions that while doing it, feels really good but after getting home and seeing the damage…..doesn't feel so good afterall.  I don't have a problem with shopping and I certainly don't want to bum anyone out if they like it too.  However, shopping can lead to some pretty pathetic money issues.  But it's not just shopping that gets us into trouble…..

My friend and author, Dale Gibbons…..has written a snazzy little quick read book that will cause you to re-think your outlook on money.  Dale is a wise guy (which is different than a wiseguy) who has finally set down on paper/kindle/nook, words to help the average working Joe as well as the loaded dudes and dudettes MASTER THEIR MONEY!  He knows stuff and he shares his insight with this easy to understand book so that other's may know how to live with the financial stability that escapes so many families today.

Dale's book isn't a get rich quick book.  It's a money management method told with a real people style story.   One that will make perfect sense to just about any reader.  Who hasn't run out of money before the month ended?  Or played the transfer savings to cover spending game?  Just about every single person has experienced money ruling over them at some point or another.

I found Dale's book to be a refreshing reminder that money does not have to be the boss of me!  If you are struggling (and even if you're not) with money or feel like all you do is fail at budgeting…..THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!


Available on Amazon (of course) in both Kindle & Paperback editions.

Now GO!!!  GO GET THIS BOOK!  You will be glad you did!

Strongest Friend I Know

Monday, July 8th, 2013

What does true willpower look like?  I've always prided myself on how strong I could be when "sacrificing" for something either not good for me or that I just didn't need to have.  I've been known to pat myself on the back a time or two just because I could deny me-me-me a little pleasure when what I really wanted to do was dive right into whatever it was pulling at my heart.

Oh….I'm a martyr.  Ahem, not really.  I suck.  I fall right into the trap of doing whatever makes me happy more often than I'd like to admit.  But I have a friend…that really inspires me to tow the line.  He lives by some pretty tight rules and yet he knows how to love and serve without breaking the bank.  Or the spirit.

I've known him a long time.  Not one single day of our friendship have I wondered if he was standing on solid ground.  He is driven to succeed.  His goals have always propelled him forward (I'm sure he's faced struggles) and he's lived his life with THE BIG PICTURE on his brain GPS.  Therefore, he's extra good at biding his time and only making very strategic moves.  He's one of the best friends my hubby's ever had too.  

He may not know how he influences those around him.  His charm is genuine and his heart is truly made of gold.  I, personally am so grateful that he's married to one of my best friends who in her own right is probably the sweetest person I've ever known.  Together they are a dynamo!  If you're lucky enough (blessed is more like it) to be in their family or friend group then you know just how gracious our God is with sharing His love.  

Just this weekend, my friend stepped into a big purchase decision.  He's savvy with his money and certainly not one to just blow money even though I know he isn't struggling to get by.  As soon as I got the text picture of his purchase I smiled.  He deserves to get great things.  He's worked hard and isn't a flashy or prideful dude.  I felt excited for him to slather on a little extravagance.  But with the text came a "just trying it out" warning.  I prayed for him because I knew above all things he would want to do what was right for his family and honoring to God.

This morning I woke up to a sweet text telling me that the purchase was returned.  I immediately remembered how much willpower it takes to be a man like him (the same words my hubby spoke to me when he heard the news).  Getting stuff isn't all that important if it has to infringe on your peace.  It takes a strong person to deny SELF of guilty pleasures and still remain joyful and satisfied.  That's my friend, Dale.

"Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out."  Proverbs 10:9


You inspire me.  You stick up for what is right and make good choices and the best part is that those of us around you get to watch.  Thank you for being such a wise example of self-control.  God has blessed our whole family with a friend like you and we couldn't be more thankful.

P.S. Thank you for picking the perfect girl to be your wife.  She inspires me to be a better…everything! (I love you Tabbi)