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Is Money Your Master? Book Review

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

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Recently, I was out "thrift-shopping" when a little voice spoke up inside my head.  I was perusing through a rack of very discounted clothing when the voice said, "Oh you MUST HAVE this!".  Strangely enough, it wasn't a voice telling me that I HAD TO HAVE any of the clothing I was rummaging past….it was a voice that I've heard countless times in department stores and clothing stores throughout my lifetime.  I've been guilty of saying it to friends, children….my hubby (insert any name of shopping co-hort) myself.  "Oh, you can't leave without this!  It looks amazing on you!".

The voice of reason suddenly seemed foolish and wasteful as I pushed through racks of "worn a few times" clothing.  Clothes that once held high value, to someone!  Clothes that JUST HAD TO BE HAD…now hanging with high hopes on a thrift/discount store rack.  It reminded me of my easily justified shopping habits and of an ideal vision of somehow……managing my money instead of allowing it to manage me!

Before I go any further, I will admit….shopping is one of those "feel good" emotions that while doing it, feels really good but after getting home and seeing the damage…..doesn't feel so good afterall.  I don't have a problem with shopping and I certainly don't want to bum anyone out if they like it too.  However, shopping can lead to some pretty pathetic money issues.  But it's not just shopping that gets us into trouble…..

My friend and author, Dale Gibbons…..has written a snazzy little quick read book that will cause you to re-think your outlook on money.  Dale is a wise guy (which is different than a wiseguy) who has finally set down on paper/kindle/nook, words to help the average working Joe as well as the loaded dudes and dudettes MASTER THEIR MONEY!  He knows stuff and he shares his insight with this easy to understand book so that other's may know how to live with the financial stability that escapes so many families today.

Dale's book isn't a get rich quick book.  It's a money management method told with a real people style story.   One that will make perfect sense to just about any reader.  Who hasn't run out of money before the month ended?  Or played the transfer savings to cover spending game?  Just about every single person has experienced money ruling over them at some point or another.

I found Dale's book to be a refreshing reminder that money does not have to be the boss of me!  If you are struggling (and even if you're not) with money or feel like all you do is fail at budgeting…..THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!


Available on Amazon (of course) in both Kindle & Paperback editions.

Now GO!!!  GO GET THIS BOOK!  You will be glad you did!

Richest Love

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

This past week was a whopper for Power Ball lovers.  If you watched the news, people were lining up for tickets in hopes of winning the big 548 million dollar jackpot.  Here in Indiana, 2 people won a smidgen of it by guessing 5 numbers of the draw and are now laughing all the way to the bank with 1 million each.

Who doesn't wish they were rich?  Just about everyone has at some time or another fantasized that they were multi-millionaires.  It's human nature.  Don't tell me you haven't picked out something yourself that you'd buy…if you were rich enough.  A fancy house?  A sporty car?  Tons of clothes?  An Escalade?  Oh, wait!  That's me!  I want an Escalade!  It's fun to dream and money opens up every bit of imagination the human brain can spare.

It also wrecks and ruins lives.

Just yesterday I finished reading a very interesting book, Mrs. Astor Regrets: The Hidden Betrayals of a Family Beyond Reproach.  The author, Meryl Gordon a New York journalist….gives us a glimpse into the life of a woman so wealthy and powerful it seems uncomprehensible.  Her life was like a fantasy.  The philanthropist/heiress spent the last years of her long life (she lived to be 105) giving away money as the chairwoman of her late husband, Vincent Astor's Foundation.  Because of Brooke Astor the city of New York was blessed in various ways.  She gave money to support numerous organizations, social causes and special projects.  It was her passion.

Brooke Astor was known for her fun spirited lifestyle and her generous giving.  She was well-known in high society circles for her lavish dinners, incredible designer clothing (she even wore fancy gowns to dinner at night) and her long friend list of Who's Who.  She was always covered in expensie jewels and spent her time shuffling between her private homes all over the place.  But guess what she wasn't passionate about?  Being a mother.

The book does a great job of painting a picture of a woman who was very much into herself.  Her only son, Anthony Dryden Marshall….was always kept at a distance.  When he was born, it was nannies that cared for him and raised him while she lived a fun and exciting life.  Her own happiness was what mattered most to her.  After she divorced his father, Dryden Kruser (who was a wealthy man but a violent drunk), she married Charles Marshall who was extremely jealous of Anthony.  This, just another reason to distance herself from Anthony who by now was a father of twin boys himself.

Once Anthony's first marriage fails, he neglects to see his own boys for long periods of time…when they did connect it was by appointment only.  The death of Charles Marshall was a shocking blow to Mrs. Astor who genuinely loved him. That next year she married the well-known Vincent Astor which began her plight as one of the world's most wealthy women.  Her marriage would only last 5-6 years before Mr. Astor would die and leave everything to her.

As I've mulled the book over in my mind….I've found myself feeling so sad for them.  I understand the praise and recognition heaped upon her for her philanthropic work but her relationship with her son and grandchildren leaves me  questioning.  How could she live the life she lived and not take a deeper interest in her son & grandkids?  Why would she be so stingy with her own family?

In the book, the writer tells about Anthony Marshall working for his mother by managing her money.  Over the many years, he held high profile jobs thanks to her pulling strings.  He also had access to her homes but the relationship was very formal.  By the next generation, her grandsons & their children….her relationship with them was distant and foreign.  Their visits (the very few they had) were strangely cold and formal.  They didn't even have the money to afford the clothes they would need while they were visiting her.  She expected everyone to be dressed in formal attire.  These folks were common people and lived very normal lives.  Stepping into her world….was like walking on Royal ground.  She lived better than a queen.

I cannot even fathom that behavior.  Who doesn't love their kids and grandkids enough to share with them a part of her bounty?  I'm not talking about handing them buckets of money and spoiling them.  I mean, who doesn't feel some sort of meaningful love and devotion to their family.  She was widowed for over 50 years by a man that left her a fortune.  Her family never knew what it was like to live the way she did.  They watched from outside the gates just like the rest of the world.  One of her grandson's lived a mile away from one of her favorite houses that she spent countless hours visiting.  Every bit of this story is sad.

What happens in the end is what the world describes as greed.  Her son Anthony and his third wife Charlene swindle their way into her will and take over ownership of their favorite Brooke Astor homes until one of his son's figures it out.  This opens up one of the craziest cases of fraud within a wealthy family and tears apart what little bit of relationship they had.  Which in reality, was none.

The way I see it — no amount of philanthropic work, no expensive art collections, no fancy homes on the water or on Park Avenue….not friends who are Presidents or Queens can take the place of being a mother & grandmother to your children.  God has given them as His gift and they deserve the best of me and not what's leftover after I spend all my time, energy & money blessing others.  Poor Mrs. Astor & poor poor Anthony, Phillip & Alec Marshall.  What a tragic life.

Money can do wonderful things.  It can also be the root of jealousy & evil.  So, next time you're tempted to dream of all you'd do with a big stack of money…think about the ones you love.  Would you give them up to be rich?

Unglued Mama

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

I hope I've made it clear here that I am far from perfect.  Matter of fact, I might be a poster child for the mom who loses it on a regular basis.  To be honest, as I've gotten "older" and trained forced conditioned my children/family to comply with my ways….being a well-functioning mom has gotten easier.  But there have been times when sister has flipped her lid and melted down in a puddle of emotions that only Jesus could handle.

Alright….I've been known to come UNGLUED!

After reading many "confessions" by other mom's on some of the greatest blogs in the world…I've come to the conclusion—>  I'm not crazy and other mom's wig out too!

Good to know, right?

Now, I don't have the book in my hot little hands just yet.  But I've been following along as Lysa (I call her that….cause she is my internet friend) has posted snippets as she wrote the words that no mom wants to admit.  All I can say is that I admire anyone who puts their business out there (the stuff we try to hide from everyone else) and allows God to use it to help others.  So, if you haven't heard yet….the new book UNGLUED is out and ready for you and for me to buy and read!

Also, good news!   Several bloggers are hosting book giveaways right now.  Who wouldn't want to win a free book?  Click on this link to Lysa's blog and viola, you will find all the blogger links participating.  Feel free to enter them all and for gracious sake….don't be afraid to admit that YOU TOO COME UNGLUED!

You're welcome, just sharing the love…friends.  Enjoy your Thursday or as I like to call it–FRIDAY EVE!!!





Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

I'm reading a book right now that you MUST READ!  It popped up on my FREE Kindle list and as far as I know….it's still offered at that cost on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble for you NOOK users.  It's topic will suck you in and you won't want to put it down.  The author, Tammy Maltby writes about her own feelings of hopelessness and how easily we all fall into the thinking that no one cares about what's going on in our hearts.

She doesn't mince words and I find her right on target with the subject.  I think you will too.  If you've ever felt alone or forgotten, read this book.  If you've ever suffered loss or abandonment, read this book.  If you've ever wondered if anyone cared, read this book.  If you ever had a single doubt….read this book!


What's it going to cost ya?  Not a thing, if you hurry over and click BUY!  Oh, and let me know what you think.  After reading the first few pages, I wanted to call Tammy up (not that I know her) and talk about what God has done in her life and mine to remind us both that HE IS THE GOD WHO SEES!

If you're not able to read the book…let me be the voice of encouragement today. Our God is a God that sees everything!  There isn't an issue going on in your life–divorce, family stress, work problems, child frustrations, enemy attack, illness…not a single thing that El Roi (the God who sees) misses.  He NEVER turns His head!  You and I can rest assure that our Father is watching and knows every tiny detail of our hurt.  He knows what each need is and every tear that falls He is right there with us.  For us, that is good news.  Life has a way of banging us down (like a nail in a board) and trampling all over our confidence to rest easy in Him.  But that's not what God has in store.

We can trust Him.  Lean on Him.  Rest peacefully in the knowledge…that HE'S GOT THIS!

Ok, go.  Download Tammy's book right now!  Go!  And have a great hump day.  I'm spending mine sick with a cruddy sore throat, sinus & ear infection while reading high school finals all day long outloud!  Never have I wished for a chance to not talk in all my life.  Being sick the last few days of school stinks!  🙁

I’m Not Your Slave

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

I've been engrossed with a book for a few weeks.  I snagged it from Amazon for free thinking I'd read it when I had nothing else to occupy my life.  In other words, I thought it was just some mediocre fluff book that I would start and then ditch because of its lameness.

Oh no, I was once again reminded….never judge a book by its cover.

Jessica McCann has captured my heart with this story.  It is so well written.  I can't tell you how many dud books I've found lately.  Who is writing all that junk?  The biggest culprit of yuck writing has come from the chick lit genre.  Seriously, ladies?  I guess I'm holding you gals up to a standard that's too high.  I can't read garbage and I'll never understand why anyone else does either.  It feels so cheesey and pathetic.

In All Different Kinds of Free, the writer uses her brain and tells a sad story about slavery and the darkness it places on the human life.  I'm touched by her truthfulness and angered by it as well.  No one should ever be treated so horribly.  Every person is valuable….to other's and to God!  

I'm not finished reading the book yet…I have a little bit left to go.  I catch myself thinking about the characters (that's another sign of good writing) when I'm going about my daily life.  This pulls me back to the story….

Do you have a good book that has touched your heart forever?


Thank you Jessica McCann for writing with such class and honor.  Your book has opened my eyes & stopped my heart for the slaves who suffered at the hands of ignorance.

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