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Unglued Mama

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

I hope I've made it clear here that I am far from perfect.  Matter of fact, I might be a poster child for the mom who loses it on a regular basis.  To be honest, as I've gotten "older" and trained forced conditioned my children/family to comply with my ways….being a well-functioning mom has gotten easier.  But there have been times when sister has flipped her lid and melted down in a puddle of emotions that only Jesus could handle.

Alright….I've been known to come UNGLUED!

After reading many "confessions" by other mom's on some of the greatest blogs in the world…I've come to the conclusion—>  I'm not crazy and other mom's wig out too!

Good to know, right?

Now, I don't have the book in my hot little hands just yet.  But I've been following along as Lysa (I call her that….cause she is my internet friend) has posted snippets as she wrote the words that no mom wants to admit.  All I can say is that I admire anyone who puts their business out there (the stuff we try to hide from everyone else) and allows God to use it to help others.  So, if you haven't heard yet….the new book UNGLUED is out and ready for you and for me to buy and read!

Also, good news!   Several bloggers are hosting book giveaways right now.  Who wouldn't want to win a free book?  Click on this link to Lysa's blog and viola, you will find all the blogger links participating.  Feel free to enter them all and for gracious sake….don't be afraid to admit that YOU TOO COME UNGLUED!

You're welcome, just sharing the love…friends.  Enjoy your Thursday or as I like to call it–FRIDAY EVE!!!