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Don’t Mess with My Dreams

Friday, October 9th, 2015

Last week I was deep asleep and engrossed in what I thought was a realistic dream of being prepped to walk on stage for a BODY BUILDING contest…..then, my phone rang and interrupted the dream.  Dang school!  I tried to fall back asleep so I could see my perfectly sculpted body and walk across that imaginary stage but it was useless.  I was wide awake and left with my crazy dream rolling around in my brain.

In 3 days I’ll turn 49 years old.  That’s a long life in some ways and a rather short one in others.  During that  49 years I’ve done my share of wide awake dreaming.  Not a foreign concept for most humans, really.  Dreaming helps us plan, dreaming sets us on course and dreams allow us a hope for what’s to come.  Dreaming is natural.

I’ve shared here a few of my dreams over the years…. the ones of being a successful author and writing great stories.  I have hopes and dreams of being a mother-in-law to my children’s spouses and a grandmother to their children someday.  But I’ve also held back on some cherished personal dreams.  Some dreams are so special and private that speaking them outloud is almost too precious or sacred.

Still, they are dreams that count in my heart and when something threatens to topple my apple cart of dreams…. I feel challenged or as if I’m in a battle.

That’s the thing with dreams, my dream may not necessarily match your dream or someone else’s.  So, your part in my dream may not go as I “dreamt it up”. Your course of life might take sharp turns and twisty roads that I couldn’t foresee or that I didn’t hope for or ever wish to see.  The dream I have or had…doesn’t exist in the same way anymore.

I feel as though I’m in the throes of waking up from some of my dreams.  Something is trying to crush them and it’s almost comparable to a nightmare.  I want to fight it or stamp it out but I can’t.   It’s out of my control. Perhaps, that’s for the best.

However,  it’s NOT out of God’s control.  I can rest easy knowing He has a better plan.  His dreams are better than anything I could ever muster up in my feeble little mind.  I can let go of what I think would be perfect for me or the people in my life that I dream so big for.  I can trust God because He is the great dream maker and provider.

And, so can you.

Don’t let life smash your dreams.  Trust God to know better and allow Him to work on your behalf.  I guarantee it’ll be better than any body building competition or perfect dream you have inside your head.