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It’s Hot…Like Fiyah!

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

You have every right to pass on by here today. I’m simply goo-goo eyes for my new toy and I’m blabbing away about it! I’ve mentioned it a few times, remember?

My birthday present? The Kindle Fire!!!

I know, I know….big whoopdie doo! But really ya’ll, IT IS SO AWESOME! I’ve only played with it a teensy bit because hubby has been “loading” it up with goodies.

Which reminds me….

What’s a “Queenie style” post without a bit of neurotic mish-mash? As soon as I saw the box on my kitchen table, I felt a little flipflop in my stomach. I told you…major whack job here, guys! It’s embarrassing to admit this but I felt like I was some sort of trader.

I looooove my Nook! Ever since my son returned from Washington and we did a little switcharoo (he’s using it to read the Steve Jobs book)….I’ve felt guilty. I’m not a Nook quitter, I PROMISE! I’m simply a SHARE-ER (yes, I made that up)!

I can use both, right?

NOTE: When hubby handed my new e-reader back to me tonight…guess what he added?

MY NOOK APP!!! All of my Nook books are on there too! This is like the motherload of awesome, ya’ll! I’m definitely moving up in this world. Not only can I watch movies, blog, read Facebook — I can read my books from my other Library that I’ve bought/acquired along the way! Yeehaw!


Hmm, now I wonder if I’ll ever upgrade to a big girl cellphone? Naaah!