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Face Time

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

girl dream

After 2 weeks of all guy activities, I jumped in with both feet for some chick action when my girls wanted to do at home facials this weekend.

I’m available for anything that makes look younger, better…foxier!

Even foreign products with all the directions written in another language. Safe? We’ll see.

face stuff

I’m not normally a gal who uses a mask. I tend to stick to the basics: Clean skin, moisturize and hydrate.

face it

My girls love masks. Perhaps it’s their youthful freedom to do whatever the heck they want whenever the heck they want to do it! I’m old”er”, I’m busy and I’m too tired. Ha! Or am I lazy?

face it 1

Try, just try to do something funny like this with your kids and NOT LAUGH! I couldn’t help it. Who can keep a straight MASK face? Not me.

really the mouth

Seriously? On my mouth? Come on, girl!

face it lip

Because this mask puffs up once the air hits it and you have to work fast. We were hurrying between laughing and arguing about getting it in my nose and mouth. Thanks, Ally!


It was a quick process and I got a little concerned when it began to tickle itch. Like, I wanted to claw my nose area and scratch it off. No pain, just tickly.

funn facw

Honestly, it was fun. And we all ended up with silky smooth skin!

Two thumbs up, weird puffy mask product.