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Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Maybe you know what I’m talking about….Etsy is amazing! There are so many talented people selling the most precious items online. If you can dream it, someone’s made it and is selling it! Just go see! I thought I’d be kind cruel and share some of the sweetest things I’ve found fallen in love with.

Don’t hate me. Just browse and love.

The Calico Necklace by Tamar

I need it! I could wear this with EVERYTHING! Duh!

Green Candy Necklace Scarf by Ottoknits

This belongs around my neck, NOW!!

The Vintage Wanna Bee (GIVEAWAY)

This headband is part of a sweet giveaway. Go quick!

Gussy Sews Yellow Wristlet

Just try to tell me this isn’t adorable! I won’t go for it!


Fabric Necklace Scarf by Pronta Bree

I could shop all day but it’s raining outside and I’m off work. Luckily for me, I have errands to run and rockin rainboots to wear while doing so! Don’t be afraid to buy something special from an etsy shop. I know this is a great way to help support home businesses and give special things to the people you love!