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Be Picky

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Maybe you need to hear this today. You don’t have to have everything your way. You can bend and give when it feels a little uncomfortable without ditching all your own great qualities. You can be a great friend without ever losing the real you!

Be picky.

Don’t sell your own soul for a relationship with someone who doesn’t love like you do. Better than that, if you love THE LORD JESUS CHRIST….do not allow someone who doesn’t infiltrate your heart and all that you believe as Truth. You do not have to conform to anyone but God. (Romans 12)

Relationships can either break us or make us. Learn which is which in your life.

Learn how to walk away!

Who Shrunk My Junk

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Remember how I posted recently about eating healthy and getting physical?  Yea, I experienced a big slap in the face this morning when I had to iron four different things to wear to school.  Everytime I picked something else out to wear…..sadly, it didn’t fit when I attempted to put it on.   🙁

Sad day, baby!

My lack of planning almost made me really late for school too.  So not only did I feel utter failure but I was zinging around on rush adrenaline!  Not cool!  It doesn’t help that I stayed up too late, again.  I say it every morning–I’m going to bed early tonight!   Just you wait and see.

I’m also planning to jog home from school and to the grocery store.  Kidding.  But that’s what I deserve after my morning reality check.  Why is it so hard to live a disciplined life?

At my small group meeting last night, we spent some time discussing the fuzzy line many Christians find acceptable to live with.   Reading Facebook can tell you a lot about a person’s lifestyle.  Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t hold the same values while calling themselves followers of Christ.

A concern for each of us — how our kids view what they see these folks saying and doing.  It’s confusing to young people when they see adults doing things that are sketchy all while in leadership positions in church.  Kids are looking to adults for boundaries and examples.  If you and I are careless with our witness it puts our kids (and other’s that we may influence) at risk for a superficial relationship with God.  Or worse yet, no relationship with Him.


I need your conviction on my life, everyday.  I recognize just how easy it is to do or be whatever I want.  As your child, I see that my choices affect those around me.  I want to be an influence for other’s to follow YOU.  The world has enough followers and it burdens my heart.  Help me TO LIVE OUT LOUD for all to see YOU in ME especially my kids!