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Free Kindle Books, Y’all

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

It's been a while since I played along with the gal's over at Works for Me Wednesday…so I thought I'd link up with something that really makes me happy.  




I'm just a hard working mama whose budget is stretched pretty tight.  I know a good thing when I find it and cheap or free books are the cat's meow (if you like cats, anyway).  I like clicking that little button when it says, FREE on Kindle.

If you have a Kindle or an e-reader that you love reading from…I've found the coolest Christian book source.  INSPIRED READS.  This fancy little site is updated everyday and is one of the best spots I've found to get great books for cheap or free.

I'm also a Facebook fan which helps with reminders (you might be like me and get busy during the day and forget to go check out the daily deals).  When I see something I'm interested in reading, I just click on over and "buy" my free book.

Oh and since I can't keep a blessing to myself….I always link up or shout out my good find to my friends on Facebook.  Holler!  Books are an easy way to blow your budget.  I think if you can save some money by snagging some freebies, then GO FOR IT!  Right?

To LIKE Inspired Reads on Facebook go HERE!

You're welcome, WFMW friends.  I hope you find some great deals and pass the blessing along.  Oh and maybe say hello to the fine folks over at IR too!  Aren't they the coolest?


Favorite Things Summer 2012 Edition

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

It's funny how we grow and change.  If you stop and think about it….each new day holds the promise of something new and wonderful.  Whether it be a food or product….or even a person.  God has lavishly arranged for you and me to find blessings, everyday.

My summer has almost reached its glorious end.  I realized today that I've spent an enormous amount of time…wasting time.  Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed it.  I have hung out with my dogs, cooked leisurely meals (and not cooked when I didn't want to), bought new appliances, blogged about my prayer life and taken a few naps.

Along the way, I've found a few things to spruce up my life and what kind of friend would I be if I didn't share with you…my fancy finds?  I mean, that's what friends are for, right?  We share.


Look at this little beauty.  This is an ottoman that I've been searching for high and low.  I wanted something "just the right size" for my main bathroom.  It just so happens to be the place my girls and I spend the most time.  Usually together.  Since I have a good amount of space, I knew having one of these would be perfect for community hanging out–painting nails, talking about funny shows, listening to favorite music while someone else is in the shower etc…


Cute huh?  Found it at Walmart.  $19.99  It's the perfect size and I can recover it anytime I get tired of the hot pink paisely!  Score!


If you have frizzy hair and have tried finding the best product to help you tame your frizzies.  This stuff just might help.  I bought it on my way down south last month.  I'm not saying this is the best thing out there, I'm simply recommending it for those of you who shop at stores like Walgreens and need some friz rescue.  It worked and it smells great too!  It's a bit more pricey than regular drug store shampoo (around $10) a bottle.  Walgreens had it on sale, buy one get one @ 1/2 price.  Totally worth it!



I have old lady legs.  They're dry and well, old.  I try to lather up everyday with a creamy lotion to fight off the scaly legs but within an hour or so….dry legs again. I heard about this product on a local tv show and immediately put in a search of where to buy it (TARGET) and get the best price.  I'll be honest, I didn't think it was going to do anything special.  WRONG!  It is magic!  I lather on a thin layer of this after I shower and it lasts all day long.  No more icky scaly legs.  $9.95 at Target.


I bought the tummy fix while I was at Target too.  I've been using it on my jelly-belly and while it doesn't do any sit-ups for me…I do notice a nicer toned tummy.  It's a bit more costly.  I think I paid $18.95  Go HERE and see all the choices of NipFab product they sell.

I'm mad in love with the Biscoff cookie.  Now, you can buy this Biscoff Spread.  I cannot wait to make some of the delicious recipes I've found on the internet.  This stuff is lifechanging good!  Trust me.



I'm a pan hoarder.  I hold onto old junked up pans for way too long.  Last week I decided that I was not coming home without a new fryer.  A good one.  (ok, the best one I could find at Target…don't judge!)  I love Paula Deen and her pans "appeared" to be great quality compared to the other brands at Target.  So, I grabbed this one.  I. AM. IN. LOVE.

I'm planning to buy more.  Just pacing myself, ya know?  I'm happy with the price too.  Can't beat $34.99 for a pan that pretty much cooks all my family's meals during a week.


Another favorite thing I love is free books.  It feels awesome to find freebies for my Kindle Fire.  A great site that I use is Inspired Reads.  It's a Christian site so the books are geared towards anything faith based.  Often they find goodies that I don't have time to go searching for, both fiction & non-fiction.  Thanks, dudes!

Aldi.  I'm a grocery shop-a-holic.  I also like a good deal.  I stopped in the new store in my area the other day (just to check it out) and man, it's full of great deals!  I had pictured this store as a low income dirty kind of store (shame on me!).  The fruits/veggies were sparkling fresh and cheeeeeep!  The frozen foods selection nearly blew me away.  Wow!  It's not a secret that the prices are very competitive….it just took me too long to cross over to shopping at Aldi.  Now, I will surely stop there first before hitting the big supercenter (that I loathe).

Who doesn't love shopping at Hobby Lobby?  That's like saying no to icecream.  Recently, I found that they have a HL phone app.  Not kidding.  So, all the great coupons are right there on your smart phone.  All you do is pull up your HL app and flash it at the store clerk next time you're shopping for craft stuff.  Voila, discount right there.  No digging around in your purse for the coupon you forgot on the kitchen table anymore!  Click on the HL link above and scroll down to the bottom of the page–there you'll find choices for connecting with HL including the APP Store.  You're welcome!

What's your favorite find this summer?  I'm always looking for something new and wonderful to make my life easier.  Let me know if you have found the mother load of awesome!  That's what friends are for…remember?  Sharing.