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Tiger….not always a winner!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009


I have listened to the news….and seen his famous face plastered all over tv. His dirty laundry (and I’d say it’s pretty nasty) aired and shared for all the world to see. It’s heartbreaking! It’s devastating! Why would he do it? That is the question most of the world is asking. He seems to have it all, right?

Or does he?

For those of us who love and follow Jesus…..we see this lack of moral compass with hearts that hurt when someone falls short. It happens. People fail. They mess up! But for anyone in a committed marriage relationship…this can destroy! The Bible is clear regarding keeping the marriage bed pure! This one act can change the dynamics of a happy home in an instant.

It sickens me anytime I hear of it. Infidelity ruins lives. Satan pounces on every opportunity he can to wreck intact families. Tiger’s no exception. If he’s not a Christ follower…..he’s also not properly prepared for the battle. We all know that we must be fully armed for whatever attack comes our way. And they will come our way!

My prayer for Tiger Woods and his wife….is that someone will minister to them. Being wealthy beyond imagination cannot save a marriage and neither can fame. But meeting a Savior…..and finding the forgiveness that true repentance can bring can do more than just save a marriage. It can change eternity!

Tiger doesn’t need more judgement or scrutiny….he needs Jesus! He may win golf tournaments that pay him by the billions…..but his future is bleak if it doesn’t include God!

Great things come out of the most shameful and painful of circumstances. Let this be one of those times. Open the heart of Tiger and his wife…..surround them with your Holy Spirit and make the changes that they need. Pruning can be very painful….but you’re the master gardener! Snip away what doesn’t fit and make it just right.