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Good People

Saturday, January 27th, 2018

Let me tell you what I’ve learned about people — They can be incredible or they can be totally horrible. I’ve ridden the bus of despair this last year. I’ve never been so needy of all the things people get needy for when life runs off the rails as I have this year.

People have saved me.

Just when I was at the end of my rope with sadness or hopelessness, God would send someone to love or encourage me. He is so good! I’m living proof that God gives a rip about every detail of our lives. Every little struggle, I’ve had help of some sort. Every time I thought my heart couldn’t take one more thing….someone would send a message, a card…..text or phone call.

I thank God for every friend & family member who invested in me this last 18 months. What a real drag it is to be strapped with a friend writing her own LAMENTATIONS! Seriously. Why are y’all my people?

The same goes for my husband. That guy has been hurtin! This whole job loss has nearly done him in. Let me tell you how hard that is to watch.




Still, people have encouraged him. Believed in him. Called him. Messaged him. So many have prayed, prayed and then kept on praying for him.

We are so not worthy of all the love. Never, in a million years will we ever be able to repay the people in our lives who have banged on heavens doors and just loved us in our rotten broken state. The lessons we’ve learned are endless throughout this journey and we promise to NOT WASTE a single one.

We will pass it on.

What kind of people do you have in your life?

I only ask because when the going gets tough….you will need strong & dedicated people in your life to hold you up and keep you from going under. Find them, love them and do not let them go! And don’t forget, be that kind of person to the people who need it in your life!