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Groupon Junkie

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Hello, my name is Queenie and I’m addicted to Groupon!


I love the place or is it even a place? Maybe just an app? Or in my case, a shopping extravaganza. The prices pull me in and the super cool businesses that participate get me all giddy. Like, I’m going to do this ZIP-LINE through the forest or FULL HOUR BODY MASSAGE for $35? HECK YEA! Sign me up!


Right now, I have a few items in my Groupon account just waiting on me to use. See the problem?

I buy, then hoard.

Like a lady with a house-full of junk she doesn’t need….my Groupon list is getting to be a problem.


Here’s a glimpse of my current purchases. In my defense, the purchases are all legit needs. Massage (must have). Starbucks (absolutely, who doesn’t want to save $5?) Ultimate facial (I’m old, I need it!) Indianapolis newspaper (it’s full of sale ads, how else am I supposed to shop in my pjs?)…. And there may be a 2nd page of things I’ve bought but haven’t used yet. Don’t judge me!

I can’t help it. The deals, are a BIG DEAL!

I shouldn’t beat myself up over a few $$$ spent on Groupon deals. Groupon is how I found my Indy area hair-dresser (Tiffany). If I hadn’t called the number on the Groupon ad for highlights, I may still be a dark-haired old lady!

me shot

Thank you Groupon! I owe ya, buddy!

save it

Then during a pizza lunch at Costco yesterday, my hubby asked me how much MONEY could we save by summer (June)? Hmm, good question. DOES HE KNOW ABOUT MY GROUPON DEALS? Guess it’s time to buckle down, man.

No more CLICK TO BUY for me! I’m cleaning out my purchases and stacking up millions in my savings account. Ha!

What’s your favorite shopping habit? Are you hoarding some purchases too?