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Groupon Junkie

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Hello, my name is Queenie and I’m addicted to Groupon!


I love the place or is it even a place? Maybe just an app? Or in my case, a shopping extravaganza. The prices pull me in and the super cool businesses that participate get me all giddy. Like, I’m going to do this ZIP-LINE through the forest or FULL HOUR BODY MASSAGE for $35? HECK YEA! Sign me up!


Right now, I have a few items in my Groupon account just waiting on me to use. See the problem?

I buy, then hoard.

Like a lady with a house-full of junk she doesn’t need….my Groupon list is getting to be a problem.


Here’s a glimpse of my current purchases. In my defense, the purchases are all legit needs. Massage (must have). Starbucks (absolutely, who doesn’t want to save $5?) Ultimate facial (I’m old, I need it!) Indianapolis newspaper (it’s full of sale ads, how else am I supposed to shop in my pjs?)…. And there may be a 2nd page of things I’ve bought but haven’t used yet. Don’t judge me!

I can’t help it. The deals, are a BIG DEAL!

I shouldn’t beat myself up over a few $$$ spent on Groupon deals. Groupon is how I found my Indy area hair-dresser (Tiffany). If I hadn’t called the number on the Groupon ad for highlights, I may still be a dark-haired old lady!

me shot

Thank you Groupon! I owe ya, buddy!

save it

Then during a pizza lunch at Costco yesterday, my hubby asked me how much MONEY could we save by summer (June)? Hmm, good question. DOES HE KNOW ABOUT MY GROUPON DEALS? Guess it’s time to buckle down, man.

No more CLICK TO BUY for me! I’m cleaning out my purchases and stacking up millions in my savings account. Ha!

What’s your favorite shopping habit? Are you hoarding some purchases too?

Do Good Day

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

I’ve managed to be busy all day. So busy that it’s now 10:35pm and I’m waiting on cookies to cool. Priorities, people! I took the day off to catch up mentally and physically from the stress of work. It’s been at peak level lately and I really couldn’t keep going without some sort of refresh-me-day!

So, I did just that.

I woke up, made coffee and sent my new driver off to school. Then, I got busy doing important things; laundry, wrapping presents, shopping online, heating up last night’s pizza and finally making these. ——>

Say hello to my little friends! And I do mean besties!

If you play on Pinterest, at all… there is no way you’ve missed seeing a picture of these dudes. They are everywhere and I just couldn’t stand to see or hear one more remark about their awesomeness.

I had to find out for myself.

My life has been changed. Thank you, Lord for days of rest and crinkle cookies!
Both are heavenly.

Wanna make your own? No problem, I stole borrowed the recipe from Truly Smitten’s blog H E R E !

In less than a month…

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

I’ll drop my first-born baby off at college! He’s ready, but am I? I’ve been online shopping(looking not buying) all day. There are so many things that he’s going to need. He found out yesterday that he has a single room all to himself. I couldn’t believe it! That sounds like a good thing, right? I’ve been so worried about his roommate situation. I have imagined every single crazy scenario possible.

Would they get along? What if he was a jerk? Or I hope he’s a Christian! I’ve gone back and forth with God over it. I guess He finally got tired of listening to me and said….”Alright, lady! He can live alone!”. I know….that’s crazy! But then again….so am I.

Everytime I think of something…I add it to the list. Which is growing quite long. It’s the weird little things that you forget about. A flashlight? Yea, he’ll need that. Hooks for the wall? He won’t have much space, these are a must! Bedding….oh yes. He has to have Twin XL sheets. I’ve been pricing them all over. He cannot stand scratchy sheets (a family curse!). Do you know how hard it is to find soft XL twin sheets? Well….IT’S HARD! Plus, I’m on a budget. I have to make my dollar streeeeeetch! That’s something I’m pretty good at. But come on! I need some for $30 or less, please!

I’ve thought of the after affects of leaving him there. What kind of condition will he live? It’s hard work keeping things up in a house (dorm). If you cook….you have a mess to clean up. Will he do that? It can overwhelm you. What about making sweet tea? He really thinks he can’t live without it….How will he bother with that chore when he doesn’t have a sink in his room? And storing sugar? That’s an adult thing, right? He’s just a kid… me.

I’m growing God. Thank you for taking it easy on me. Every new day….I see more and more that you’re preparing me. I feel like I’m choking most of the time. I have a permanent lump in my throat. Will it ever go away? Help me……help him do what he has to do. I trust You, Lord and I love you too.

24 days. But who’s counting?