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Can’t Take It Back

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

There’s not a mom (or a person) alive that hasn’t said something they wish they could take back. Words spoken in anger or frustration can haunt for life….haunt the receiver and the giver.

words that hurt

I grew up with a lot of verbal abuse. It wasn’t much for my mom to lose her mind and spew some pretty hateful words my way. Some of them (most of them) have never left my head or heart. Words for her were ammunition and saying mean things was her weapon of choice. It never occurred to her that what she said left deep forever wounds. She just said what she thought and let the hearer deal with all the rest.

Hurting people…..hurt people.

I read a story this week about a mom who out of frustration….screamed at her daughter — “You’re just like your father!”. Now, for some that’s not a bad thing. But I think we all know that when something like that is said by an angry mom, it’s not meant as a compliment. Especially when it’s a divorced mom who harbors anger towards the ex-husband/father. Kids know, they know how we feel about EVERYONE! All the people, ever in our lives….our kids know.

Don’t tell me you believe your kids have no idea who you like and don’t like. Ha!

words all over

I’ve used words to hurt the ones I love the most too many times in my life. I regret the things I’ve said out of anger or even not feeling well. Think: hangry. Words, once spoken cannot be taken back only forgiven. Which means, they stay there….lingering on the soul and replaying in the mind.

Terrible thought, huh?

mind games

So, here’s my advice: WATCH WHAT YOU SAY!

If you are someone who uses sarcasm or smarty comments as part of your normal conversation, rethink it! Instead, hold back with the “funny” banter and just talk, minus any hurtful comments. Believe it or not, it’s a habit. The more you speak one way the easier it becomes to continue.

Saying things like:

You’re ridiculous!
You never…
You are just like ______!
I hate you!
I can’t take anymore!!
You’re driving me crazy!

not funny

Somebody somewhere is writing your words on their heart. Are you using them with love and care or are you pounding them into a heart broken and bruised?

Remember, you can’t take it back!