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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

You’ve probably heard the song Rainy Days and Monday’s (always get me down), right? Well, that’s a great description of my yesterday! It was storming cats-n-dogs and it was Monday. My hubby and I took on a “little” task that proved to be a bit stressful.

We testified before “the committee” at Indiana’s Statehouse in Indianapolis. Yea, I say that like we do that sort of thing all the time. Not! It was scary and intimidating too! My nerves were a shakin!

But, it was for a great cause. The 21st Century Scholars program is very near and dear to my heart. Yesterday was extremely pivotal in keeping this program intact as it is known around our great state. Right now, any 6th-7th-8th grade student that has financial need can apply for this scholarship program for college. The program is amazing! If you agree to follow the covenant rules and have good citizenship then 21st Century guarantees tuition paid for up to four years at any participating Indiana public, private or proprietary college/university.

Hello? Can you say……awesome opportunity?

Well, not so fast! Because the folks at SSACI (State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana) have come up with a “new plan”. It seems the state of Indiana is running low on money (uhh, who isn’t?) and now want to change the rules in the middle of the game. Sound fair to you? It doesn’t seem fair to the many families it will affect (oh wait, most of them aren’t aware this is even happening).

The “new plan” is to take effect beginning with this year’s junior class students. Which for my family, means my [college junior son] Gavin will continue to receive college funds and my [high school senior daughter] Ally will receive them when she begins college in the fall but my [youngest HS sophomore] Gates will not receive her scholarship at all. Why? Because they didn’t plan ahead, obviously.

When we originally signed up for 21st Century Scholars, our family met all the financial requirements needed. Over the course of 8 years our income has increased (and at times horribly decreased…thank you unemployment). At current status, my family would not qualify for the scholarship. But that’s not how the program is designed. Each family has to meet the requirements during the 6-7-8th grade sign-up time. Also, each student has to do his part in keeping the covenant too.

My kids….have all done that. They are committed to the no drugs or alcohol, they have exemplary attendance and they’re all high achievers in class. They would have stuck to that without signing a college covenant just the same. Now, SSACI wants to yank that opportunity right from underneath us and many other’s across Indiana. Boo SSACI!! 🙁

How do you tell your child that her college choices are now up in the air? We’re sorry, your brother and sister can go but you can’t. See why I testified?

Miss G goes to Indy

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Olivia & Ally after lunch at the mall

If there ever was a kid that loved the world of politics more….I haven’t met them!  Miss Ally is probably the only high school girl I know that leaves Foxnews on… her choice of tv viewing.  I can’t judge her, I’m addicted to it myself.  But she’s a teenager for goodness sake!  One of her dreams is to go to law school someday and then enter the world of politics.  Why?  I don’t know.  But she loves it!

Yesterday, she and a classmate (Olivia) were honored by serving as pages at the Indiana State House under Representative Dave Cheatham.  She was so excited!  It wouldn’t be her first trip to the Statehouse.  She’s been there before with the JCYL leadership group.  This is her kind of thing.  This girl, could run that place if she were hired to work there.  She’s got what it takes to jump in and do whatever is needed.  I like that about her!     🙂

After a great day of “serving” they were pooped! We did a little shopping after walking through the underground tunnel to the mall. So, who can complain about working downtown? By the mall? Umm, certainly no one from my family! While in Circle Center mall, she was determined to go to the Colts store (ok, so was I) and look for a jersey to wear on Friday to Colts day at school. JACKPOT! She found a Dallas Clark 44 in her size! Except….it had something on it! Bummer! We couldn’t quite tell what it was….so the manager said, “20% off?” and we said “YES, thankyouverymuch!”.

It was a great day! She hopes to make many more trips like this in her future. She’s a go-getter kind of gal….so I bet there will be more to come. Thank you to Rep. Cheatham (who once was a beloved co-worker of mine at JCHS) for hosting my girl and giving her a superior experience of the business of our Indiana government! Wow! It was really cool!

Busy Indy city street beneath them