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Train Em Up

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Some of my greatest lessons have come by way of parenting my children. You’d think I would have this gig down by now. It seems like I’ve been in a perpetual parenting training class since 1990. Maybe that’s what parenting is all about.

Learning something new, everyday.

I’ve made so many mistakes along the way and my hope is that once my kids fly the coop they’ll see….this ain’t no easy job! Fingers crossed, ya’ll!

One of my biggest downfalls has been my desire to indulge my kids with my care. Every parent does that to a point. Right? But I think maybe I went overboard a little. I’ve created lazy people.

I’m ashamed. So bear with me while I share.

I never wanted my kids to deal with any of the stuff I experienced growing up. I know it’s tough raising kids. I’m not here to bash or criticize my mother. But I hoped to improve the skills that I grew up under and to be a mom that loved unconditionally.

So, why should I be surprised that my kids EXPECT to be taken care of? Afterall, I’ve trained them to be that way. Some would call it lazy others might say spoiled. I’m sticking with cheated.

Whether hubby and I meant to or not, we cheated our little darlin’s out of some very important life training. Chores and helping out around the house never killed anyone (that I know of). What I’ve created is bums.

Now for those of you reading that actually know my kids…..please understand when I say these things. I’m not trashtalking my good kids, I’m simply pointing out how important it is to teach your kids to work.

I have a neighbor that has this figured out. From the time his kids are able to hold a rake in their little hands, he has them out helping in the yard. I can see clearly that they make their youngin’s do chores from my kitchen window. It’s a running joke over at my house (THE HOUSE OF LAZE-MAZE). I’m not laughing anymore.

I’ve come up with some MUST KNOWS that parents should teach their kids if they’re to make it outside of our safe little homes.

1) How to cook 3-5 complete meals.
2) Money management. How to make it, save it, tithe it, spend it & share it!
3) Laundry. Sort, wash-dry-fold-put away!
4) How to load & unload the dishwasher. And what to do if you don’t have one.
5) Bathroom etiquette. How to clean it top to bottom.
6) Ironing. This is almost a lost art. Don’t wear smushed up stuff, people!
7) How to pump their own gas (I don’t do this for my kids, really).
8) Car maintenance. Tire changing, checking oil, repair lights lit & washing.
9) Medicines. What to take for what ails ya!
10) How to sweep & vacuum a house, porch, tent, vehicle.

Of course there are many more skills kids should know but this is a good starting point. Life is rough and unless you have hired help OR MAMA’S to do everything for you–you need to know how to do the basics. I’d love to hear your take.

Parents join me—let’s agree to do the hard stuff and give our kids more responsibility. Our future son & daughter-in-law’s will thank us! 😉

PS–I feel the need to add a disclaimer here. I have amazing kids. They are SOULED OUT Christians dedicated to obeying and following Christ. Each of them have made good choices with their lifestyle and behaviors. I’m more than proud of the decisions they make on a daily basis to take the road less traveled. All three of them are leaders and good ones at that. I’m beyond blessed to call myself their mother. God has been so good to me to share such wonderful kids with me.

It’s my mistakes that I’m pointing out here. They are just by-products of my helicopter parenting. A lesson I’ve learned…the hard way.