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Moth to the Flame

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

I don’t think I’ll ever learn.  Seriously.  I AM HARD-HEADED!  Never, never start your day out with a post like this on your Facebook status:

 Looking for ways to honor HIM today. What about you?

Why?  Is that what you just said?  Because you will do nothing but face a challenge every time you turn a corner.  ALL THE LIVELONG DAY, PEOPLE! 

What I thought was a great little saying actually followed me around everywhere I went today.  Oh I could easily blame it on the hormones….yea, they’re a ragin’!  But honestly, I have to give kuddos to the Holy Spirit for whispering in my ear reminding me I BELONG TO HIM!!

Monday automatically falls into the “boo” category in my book.  Goodbye lazy weekend, Hello duty laced workweek!   So just imagine my attitude this morning when that alarm (love ya, KLove) sang it’s praises in my ear.  I was not feelin’ it!  But I marched on, because I’m no quitter!  😉

Once at work, I made sure to be in the presence of every annoying student I could find.  Maybe I’m just a magnet for noisy dudes who like to drum their hands, fingers, books, pens, feet, hats…or whatever else they can bang on desks.  See, I told you I was her-moan-al?!  I felt a tad bit sensitive is what I’m saying and I’m ashamed to really confess it here.  Some might call it witchy.

I did manage to hide it.  No one picked up on my feelings of wanting to keel them with my bare hands.  Oh I kid!   You’ve heard of the evil eye, right?  Nevermind.  I’m joking.   Remember, I was looking for ways to HONOR HIM. My eyes were sparkling! 🙂

It was the highlight of my day when I pulled into my garage and spotted 2 boxes had been delivered for me.  I’ve been waiting patiently for my Lilly Pulitzer agenda to arrive.  It’s a replacement to the one I ordered last month (the one with a flawed page).  I had ordered a sweet Lilly tumbler too since I’d dropped my other cup and shattered it last year.

Both items had arrived! Yay!

The problem? When I opened the Lilly agenda box….it turned out to be a tiny little POCKET-SIZED book! The first one I received was double in size. I felt sick! The reason? I’d ordered a Large agenda a few weeks back for my girl Ally and when it came it was the same size as my SUPPOSED pocket-sized one. I called the company and explained THEIR error and the owner agreed to reinburse me the cost difference .

Yea, this stuff really does happen to me. Beware! You’ve been warned!

Surely you know where I’m heading right? Now… that I have placed the Honor Him challenge upon myself–I have to call the company back and admit my terrible mistake and give back the money (hubby says, it’s not been put back into my account) that I felt so confident was mine! Oh, man!

Why me?

Thank you for keeping me humble. While it’s painful to admit, I really do appreciate the way you trim and snip my branches.

On a HAPPY NOTE–I ordered my AWESOME LILLY cup from Purse Lady Too. Not only was it less than you can find anywhere else….it came with FREE SHIPPING! I ordered it on Friday night and received it today (Monday)!! Thank you PLT!!! I don’t want to whine about how long it took to get 2 agenda books (from other companies) and HOW MUCH THE STINKIN’ SHIPPING WAS!! No, I don’t want to tell you. Cause, this is a HAPPY NOTE!!

LifeGuard Press Rocks!

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

I love all things Lilly Pulitzer! Recently, I purchased the new 17 month pocket agenda in Luscious from Lifeguard Press! Only it won’t fit in MY pocket….cause it’s huge! So, don’t be fooled by the word “pocket”!


What do you think? Pretty, huh? I love it. I couldn’t wait to scribble my words all over inside it. I’ve been keeping an agenda/datebook/list thingy since I was a kid. Seriously! I have datebooks filled with my life from all the way back to high school. Gee, that sounds weird. I LIKE TO WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN, YA’LL!!

Anywho. I started going through it page by page as soon as it arrived. It’s full of sweet stickers and pages of monthly calenders as well as daily planner pages. Honestly, if you need to record it or write it down….there is a special page just for it. This book rocks!

I flipped every single page….ooooh-ing & aaahhh-ing and then I found a flaw. 🙁 Seriously, a flipped page IN MY NEW LILLY AGENDA!!! What in tarnation? I guess somehow in the binding process this one page was turned wrong and December/January is now inside out. Boo!

I zipped the company I ordered it from an email explaining the flaw and put it to the side. I wasn’t sure what I would need to do (possibly send it back or be stuck with it) until I heard back from Lifeguard Press. Since they’re closed over the weekend, I waited patiently.

I’m so happy to report that on Monday morning I received this message.

Hi Wanda,

I hope you are doing well! I’m so sorry to hear that your agenda had some pages upside down and backwards. This has not been a common defect with our agendas and it seems maybe there must have been an error when the pages were binding together at our manufacturer. I will not be asking you to send back the defective agenda, rather just keep it as a spare or discard of it if you would like, I have entered a new order for a replacement agenda to be shipped to you at no cost, it should ship out the first half of this week sometime. If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know. Have a great day!

Best wishes


I love that! I mean, really. If you’ve done business with anyone lately surely you’ve come across some flub in customer service along the way. I was blown away by the quick response and the willingness to “handle” the problem. None of that, send it back to us and we’ll send you another one stuff! They simply just took care of it! Yea, Lifeguard Press! You guys are seriously on top of things! Being helpful and nice about it really says a lot about your company. Thank you from the bottom of my Lilly-loving heart!

Oh and how can you not love this company…..their motto reveals a little peek into how they roll!

Do what you love and love what you do!