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Only 2 Days Left

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

2015 is on it’s way out. Only 2 more days to get all the things you wished to do this year, accomplished. If you’re like me, that probably isn’t happening. If it didn’t get done, it’s officially too late.

New goals. New year. New hopes.


I’ve been thinking about my new word for 2016. Obviously, not enough because I still have no idea what to hook my wagon up to in the coming year. I really stretched myself with last year’s word, TRUST. I’m a natural-born worrier – so – choosing to cling to TRUST was a challenge. I like to wring my hands, okay? Somehow, I managed to get out of the year unscathed by my own personal challenge. Probably because I did a lot of my life EASY.

I didn’t do anything crazy. I stayed within my own limits (lame, huh?). I hid behind any big obstacles. I didn’t live my life with much abandon. I didn’t step out in fear and trembling. I managed to box myself in and block myself from any hurt or challenging experiences.

I wimped out, y’all. Totally took the easy way out in every little instance.

do right

Maybe that’s all I could handle. I don’t know. I believe all of us are weaker than we think, sometimes.

need very little

I can’t help but think I took on more than I KNOW I could really handle by picking TRUST. Perhaps, because I don’t really know HOW TO TRUST. (Not a challenge, Lord….)

god is so good

In true God fashion, He protected me from really having to use my TRUST-o-meter.

I’m thankful He knows me. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m a wimp. I hate discord, I loathe trouble and I dream of total contentment. Who has that anyway?


It’s not really fair for me to pretend as though I didn’t experience anything that required TRUST. There were many times that I had to hand over all my struggles and begin again. For those times, I am grateful I had the love and mercy of God. Without Him, I couldn’t cope. Still, He proved that He was in control and that He would work out any problem I faced.

So, there. I trusted.

gods hands

I suppose I’m really trying to tell you that picking a word doesn’t mean you won’t experience it in a profound way. Every person has a journey uniquely designed for them. My year was perfectly arranged just for me, just like yours. What’s to come? Only God knows.

Are you preparing yourself? Are you looking ahead? Searching for your place in this great big world? I am.

this year

Happy end of 2015, friends.

Throwback Thursday

Thursday, February 6th, 2014


Gone are the days of hauling around busy little punks.  Ballgames, coloring fun pictures and climbing on the monkey bars were just a smidgen of the daily routines for our family.  I bet if I asked them (my babes)…they would all agree, life was so much simpler back then.

I love looking back.  But I don't want to get stuck there.  Life happens.  We grow and we change.  Time teaches us to honor and love those we have in our lives.  Otherwise, looking back wouldn't mean so much to us.

I'm so grateful and proud of the life I've lived raising a family with the husband God gave me.  Every day something new and even when the days felt stuck on repeat….I knew to cherish each one.

Who would've thought…..throwback Thursday would be here so soon?

Dear Gates

Friday, May 31st, 2013

mamas fave

It's the day before graduation and I should be cleaning the house and preparing the party food.  Instead, I'm here blogging about my mom heart regarding YOU.  You were the surprise baby that I almost didn't have.  Thankfully God knew just how special you'd be to our crazy family.  Not a day goes by that I don't say thank you to Him for knowing what was best for all of us.

gates eating

From that November day when we brought you home…laughter and joy have filled our lives.  You were funny from the very start!  Your chubby little tummy and puffy cute cheeks always commanding whatever room you were in.  It's no secret that you were a rascal!  It's also no secret that you stole the hearts of everyone who got near you and still do to this day.  Everyone loves to tease you about how bossy and wild you were….it's true.  I have video to prove it!  Everything was "MINE" and no matter how anyone tried to wrangle you….you would walk away wearing or holding whatever it was.  Sometimes it's easier to just hand over stuff!  wink

gates driving

You've outgrown that silly baby stuff now and I know this because I see your loving kindness in everything you do & say.  You have the sweetest spirit and the most caring heart.  I know that I can trust you to protect me and the rest of your family even if it kills you trying.  You're a fierce young woman who isn't afraid to be different.  I like that about you and someday so will your forever spouse.  Right now life seems like a waiting game — waiting for graduation day, waiting to go to college or hit it big, waiting on Mr. Wonderful, waiting to be a Mom, waiting to live like a real grown up….waiting!  I've been there and I know how it can feel like you're walking in molasses.  I'm here to tell you….enjoy it!

gates jetsetting 007

Thoroughly Moder Millie 032


What you'll soon see is how fast life passes by.  All these weekend nights spent at home because there's no one awesome to date….they'll seem fleeting when you meet someone who sweeps you off your high-heeled feet (I'm sure he'll be tall) and showers you with fun & adventure.  The tears you've cried over deciding what to do with your life will be a vapor in time when you are hustling to get ready in the mornings and racing off to a job you love.  The days of baby-sitting someone else's snotty nosed kids will remind you what NOT TO DO when you're facing your own little darlin's someday.  You'll even look at your dad & me with the reminders of how old we've turned in such a short time.


Your life is just beginning and all that God has for you is not just ahead….it's in the everyday stuff.  Each day something important takes place.  Don't forget to savor it and learn from it.  Never try to do it all on your own.  Let God be your guide and trust Him….He never misleads and He always knows best.  I know this firsthand.

That's how I ended up with YOU!

Happy Graduation Day!  I'm so proud of you!

class of 2013I hope all your dreams come true and if they don't that God gives you more than what your heart can dream.

I love you,